Conditions Sign With Good Fight Music

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Hard rock band Conditions have singned on with Good Fight Music. The following statement was released through the band’s Myspace earlier this week:

Conditions has signed a record contract with Good Fight Music, a new independent label owned and run by Ferret Music owners Carl Severson and Paul Conroy. The band is currently recording their debut Good Fight full length in Baltimore, MD with producer Paul Leavitt.

We would like to send out a HUGE thank you to all of our friends and fans for all of your support these last 3 years, and we hope you continue to support Conditions! We are extremely excited to start this new chapter in our careers and can’t wait to get this full length out to the world. Thank you and we hope to see you on tour!

Much love,
Brandon, Alex, Jason, Ryan, and Corey


  1. Chris Alexander says:

    I have tried to find out for so long if these guys are Christians. I know for sure that two of them are professing Christians. It’s really hard to go by lyrics alone because I find no interview anywhere about their faith.

  2. Chris Alexander says:

    Well I asked them on their formspring… this is what they replied.

    All of us have different beliefs, obviously being 5 different individuals with our own minds and system of beliefs. I’m going to answer this one myself, and then let the other guys come back through and provide their answers when they can take the time to sit down and do it.


    I come from a Greek Orthodox family, so I was raised going to church every Sunday and participating in youth groups and stuff like that. When I got into high school, I also started participating in some non-denominational Christian services playing different instruments and singing for the worship bands.

    Needless to say, religion and the fellowship that comes along with it have been a huge part of my whole life. I pray almost every day for forgiveness and for good health and safety for my family and friends. Being in a band and not exactly having the option for a regular church gathering every week makes things a little more difficult, but that’s when you must rely on your OWN faith to drive and determine who you are.

    There is a blog I posted recently that perfectly describes a lot of my feelings at . I think these words are so perfect, I’m so jealous that I didn’t write it. Take a look at it, it’s pretty awesome.

    And that was probably way over the top and too much to read, but whatever! Haha, thanks for stopping by.

    <3 Alex

  3. ian says:

    thanks for the info Chris…

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