Me In Motion Ready New Album

Below is the tracklisting and album artwork for pop rock band Me In Motion‘s upcoming March 23rd, 2010, self-titled release through Centricity Records. The good people at Centricity were kind enough to let us have a early listen to the album this week, and this will no doubt be a very strong opener for a band most people don’ know about…..yet. Me In Motion seem to be very good at balancing head-bobbing rock’n'roll with infectious melodies and hooks, giving you equal parts rock and accesiablility. Fans of the “Entertaining Angels” era of newsboys will eat this up, and you will also hear a fair amount of U2 and even a little Third Eye Blind quirkiness in there. Essentially, Me In Motion is catchy without being bland, which is a balance most bands don’t figure out until album three…

me in motion
1. Losers
2. Leaving Here Someday
3. Gonna Be Something
4. Here In The Middle
5. Back To You
6. Welcome To Your Life
7. You Never Fail Me
8. The God I Know
9. Seek Justice
10. You Move Me

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