School Boy Humor Loses Bass Player

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It seems that bass player Caleb Spillyards of the pop rock band School Boy Humor has decided to leave the band. He issued a lengthy explanation to fans this week concerning his departure Which can be found below:

So as some of you guys know, ive decided to part ways with sbh. I know that this is kind of a crappy explanation, but i feel like the nitty gritty reasons for my decision, arent relevant to the public, and should stay between me and the band, but for now we will just say that it was a number of things that caused me to move on. A) Being poor is rough, i mean reallly rough. Before the band, i was doing pretty well for myself, apartment, car, i even had a motorcycle! crazy huh. Anyhoo, being in a band requires a full commitment from the members, and upon making said commitment, i gave all that up. Ive eaten out of a can for weeks on end. Ive dipped bread in peanut butter for days. weve been so hard up for resources sometimes, that stealing food was practically the only option. that being said, I wouldnt take any of it back. You guys are amazing, and being able to share a piece of each and everyone of your lives means more to me than i could ever possibly express to you in a blog, as well do the experiences (good and bad) that i shared with my friends in this band. being poor for a couple of years, was definitely worth it for all of that, but after so long, one has to think about the future and my place in it. B) i want to do so many things it makes me sick. haha Anyone reading who is somewhat close to me, can probably tell that im into, well, just about everything, photography, acting, music, rock climbing, gymnastics, you name it, ive probably tried it. The only problem with that is, there are only 24 hours during the day, and as much as i wish there were a way to get an extension, there isnt (ive tried). So i guess in that regard, another contributing factor is my desire to apply myself to other things more so than i am able being a full time touring musician. C) i have a wonderful girlfriend, and family. Oh love strikes again haha. It happens to every band at some point, but ive been in a serious relationship for 6 years. 6! Ive put her through some rough times being gone for the past 2.5 years and its time i made up for that. She has been beyond understanding, and its time i returned the favor.

D)mostly Im burned out right now. Touring for noone is hard work. Its not fun to be 2000 miles from home, only to show up to a venue in the snow to find out the promoter cancelled two weeks ago but you didnt get the memo, or to tour a month straight and play for a total of 250 people.

E) Personal differences within the band. These guys deserve your love and your fanship for years to come. Reason being, when i brought up the idea of touring lightly rather than 24/7 365 days a year, they wouldnt have it. These guys love this, weve all loved this. They love the grind. they like playing music and they like touring. Even if it IS for nobody. They will treck to the other end of the country to fulfill a commitment to a venue even if its playing to an empty room. Its remarkable actually, that kind of perseverance and refusal to give up. i completely respect it, but at this point in my life, I have to slow down for a minute and take some time off. The last thing i want is to hate music, and hate the position im in, and if i continued the route i was going, i was afraid of both of those things happening.

To the band- Greg, Phil, Ant, Chris, Thank you guys for putting up with my crap haha, thanks for being my friends and going on this incredible journey with me. We did it. nothing else to say. We broke out of little rock. We got noticed. We got signed. we toured the country so many times we lost count. We put out a record that was in stores everywhere. We landed a Single in rotation on NATIONAL RADIO. Weve driven 3000 miles from home and played for a room full of strangers singing our songs. Weve written songs with our childhood idols. Weve had lunch with the people who make this thing go. We met the JONAS BROTHERS haha, and in an intimate setting. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, weve fought, weve celebrated and boys in my eyes.. we made it. We did what we set out to do. I know you guys are going to to big things, and i cant wait for it to happen (i better get a house or something haha) and its because of all of these things and the things i said before, you guys are made for this. You wont give up, and im proud of you, and i hope you are proud of what weve done.

To the fans

The bottom line is you guys are incredible. Your support has made my dreams come true. and ive made friends i wouldnt trade for the world. I hope this clears up any confusion any of you might have had about my reasons for leaving. The band and i are still close friends, and i will be fulfilling my commitment to them and playing the shows posted on the myspace through march 19th. My last School Boy Humor Hometown Show will be march 4th, so if you are from little rock.. be there. To all others i hope you can make it out. Its gonna be a tour ill never forget, and one you wont either.

In the mean time, i WILL be starting a new project. you can hear news and updates about it on my myspace and As well as some film projects i have in the works at the moment and plans for the future in that respect. Thanks so much for reading and i hope you guys understand and continue to support the band and myself.

I love you all

Caleb Aaron Spillyards

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