The Classic Crime Ready New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for The Classic Crime‘s upcoming April 6th, 2010 release entitled Vagabonds. Tooth & Nail Records was nice enough to send us an advance copy of the album, and if you are a fan of The Classic Crime, you will not be disappointed. Big guitars, soaring melodies, introspective lyrics are all there, but with more of an underground, raw sound that is lost on bands like Foo Fighters, of whom Classic Crime are easily peers with. Vagabonds may issue in The Classic Crime as the next big modern rock band in the US, so watch out for these guys when the album drops in April.


1. A Perfect Voice
2. Cheap Shots
3. Solar Powered Life
4. Four Chords
5. Vagabonds
6. The Happy Nihilist
7. My Name
8. Everything & Nothing
9. The Count
10. Different Now
11. Broken Mess

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