Woe Of Tyrants Ready New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Metal Blade Records tech metal band Woe Of Tyrants with their April 13th, 2010 release, Threnody. This will be the band’s second album on the label, and the concept is (according to vocalist Chris Catanzaro): a non-specific individual traveling between planets searching for answers, while paralleling Satan’s fall from grace to damnation at the same time. We all experience a change at some point as we travel through life, albeit not of the same magnitude as Lucifer, that will render us either content, or disgusted. When disgust is the feeling, then we begin to miss our former self as if they were an entirely different person.

woe of tyrants threnody

01. Tetelestai
02. Creatures of the Mire
03. Venom Eye
04. Tempting the Wretch
05. Threnody
06. Bloodsmear
07. The Venus Orbit
08. Lightning Over Atlantis
09. Singing the Surrender
10. Descendit Ad Inferos (The Harrowing of Hell)

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