Alcina Calls It Quits

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It seems that posi-hardcore band Alcina will be calling it a day in the very near future. The following statement appeared on the band’s Myspace earlier today:

Here is what’s going on in the world of Alcina. I have taken down the two previous blogs, due to the fact that things are changing. On June 13th,2010 there will be two things happening on this day. The first thing is Rocketown will be having their final show at the building at 401 Sixth Ave. The second thing is Alcina will be no more, we are hanging up the towel. We have been a band for five years now, and it is are time to call it. Here is the thing though..Kyle, Keyser, Rj, and Cory will be continuing on as a different band and under a new name. For me, I will be not playing with them, I love those dudes to death, we are all good friends, there is no drama, and no I am not saying this because of the political correctness of its sound, I am saying because it is the truth. I spent the better of five years with these guys in a van going across the country. I can not ask for any better friends. My time is just now to focus on my life in general.

So with all of this said, we will be planning a last tour of sorts in June. Basically, we want to say all of our goodbyes to the cities and people who mean a lot to us, who might not be able to make it out to the last show. So be sure to check out the last couple shows that we are doing around Nashville and other surrounding cities, more will be posted later.

April 2nd @ Rocketown w/ Evergreen Terrace
April 24th @ Rocketown Travis Fest 3 w/ A TON OF BANDS!
June 13th @ Rocketown LAST SHOW!

Be on the look out thought for more updates and all that jazz, when we know you will know.

Oh by the way, the last show there will be a lot of songs on the set list, that we haven’t played in years, some you guys have been asking us for awhile. Get stoked!



  1. Carl says:

    I am always sad to hear a great group of friends in a band call it quits. In memory of them I just enjoyed “The Tourniquet.” Why is it that regardless of the band, every song named Tourniquet is a freaking outstanding song!? Is this like a requirement? Does the song go through training to be hardcore? I need to know these things. I am going to write a thesis on this subject, name it Tourniquet, not even write anything, and still get an “A” just to prove my point.

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