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…or is it Top 9 girls?  Rumors have been flying all day about Crystal Bowersox and her illness that hospitalized her yesterday.  That forced American Idol Season 9 to change its schedule and have the Top 10 guys perform last night.  We don’t know if Crystal Bowersox will perform.  If she doesn’t perform, we believe she will be disqualified and American Idol Season 9 will eliminate one girl this week.  I hope that does not happen.

Last night the American Idol Season 9 Top 10 guys performed better than the previous week, but it still wasn’t good.  Christian music artist Michael Lynche stole the show last night with a complete, soulful, smooth performance of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World”.  Everyone else was pretty ordinary.  Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers had a spirited exchange with the judges and displayed a pretty significant amount of frustration.  Tim Urban won respect from Simon by making big improvements in his performance this week.

Tonight, Christian music artists Didi Benami, Lacey Brown and Michelle Delamor are joined by Lilly Scott, Katie Stevens, Siobhan Magnus, Haeley Vaughn, Paige Miles, Katelyn Epperly and, hopefully, Crystal BowersoxDidi Benami and Michelle Delamor look to be safe this week, but Lacey Brown needs a big improvement to stay in the running on American Idol Season 9.  Come on Lacey, show America your talent tonight!

Crystal Bowersox is on the stairs so it looks like she will try to make a go of it.  Ryan interviews her and it looks like she may be the first one up.  Randy says the guys were hot last night.  Wow, Randy are you from Canada?

So we do start with Crystal Bowersox, who is a twin.  Last week she did “Hand In Pocket” and tonight we find out she performs with trinkets in pocket.  Tonight she is doing a gospel take on CCR’s “As Long As I Can Sing The Light”  I like the organ intro and she blasts the opening.  Okay we are getting the full Janis Joplin treatment.  Is she the best singer on American Idol Season 9?  This is the best of the season. If I didn’t have a computer in my lap I would give her a standing ovation. Randy calls her the truth and he loves the truth.  Ellen says amazing.  Kara is right, she hit a new level.  Simon is almost groveling and calls her a really serious artist.  Buy this song.  I will.

16 year old Haeley Vaughn is going to sing “The Climb” by Mylie Cyrus. She is so 16. Haeley Vaughn has no mean face.  Maybe Simon can give her lessons.  Her singing is pretty shakey,  Her voice is powerful but all over the place.  Is she flat, is she sharp.  Yes she is.  Kind of made me cringe. Randy calls it excruciating.  Kara says she needs a year of strengthening her singing talent.  So why did they bring her onto the show?  Ryan clashes with Simon and ugly looks ensue.

Christian music artist Lacey Brown gets a second chance. Come on Lacey prove to us that you are made to do this.  Tonight she is taking on Kara’s suggestion and do “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer.  She has a really fragile voice, in a good way. I am not sure I like the bopping take on the song, but she is singing well and showing much more of her talent this week.  Good job, Lacey. Randy says it was not special, but Ellen thinks it was adorable.  Simon thinks she is competing but is not showcasing herself as an artist.

Katie Stevens is up next.  Katie speaks six languages, but only to ask for a kiss. She is singing “Put Your Records On” by Corine Bailey Rae.  This song is in her wheel house.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that Katie can really belt so I would like to hear that pretty soon.  That was pretty good.  I have no idea what Randy just said.  I don’t think the judges know what to make of her performance.  Kara and Simon are frustrated.  Katie sing Aretha Franklin.  Good advice Simon, ‘tell us what type of artist you want to be”.

Christian music artist Didi Benami is doing Bill Withers, one of my favorite performers. Didi prays before she performs and she meows.  It works if you see it.  She is doing “Lean On Me”.  This is something totally different for Didi.  This is sort of a jazz take on this song.  Okay, Didi does not have much soul, but this a sort of pleading, compelling take on the song.  It was different.  I like it? Randy hates the song choice.  Ellen doesn’t like it either. Good comments Kara.  If you want to do the song, do your interpretation of the song.  Simon hated it.  I liked it more than the judges.  Didi Benami was visibly upset by the judges comments.

Michelle Delamor is doing a Creed song?  This should be interesting.  She is singing “Arms Wide Open”.  Michelle is a children’s choir teacher at church.  Michelle also prays before her performances.  This is a rock song?  I really like her take on this.  She struggles a little in the middle, but she makes this song over in her own style.  Her voice is not as big as you think it should be. The judges are saying the same thing over and over.  Ellen is right that it almost worked.  Kara calls it her favorite performance of Michelle’s for the entire season. Simon loved it as well.  They overlooked the technical difficulties and loved the risk.

Lilly Scott doesn’t pray before she sings she uses throat spray. She is singing Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”. She does another offbeat jazzy take on the song, but is that an honest interpretation of the song.   I don’t believe she understands the meaning of the song and she is certainly not communicating the meaning.  Technically good, but I did not really like it.  The judges love it.  I mean gushing all over themselves love it.  I may be developing an Adam Lambert relationship with Lilly Scott. Read last year’s blogs to understand the last comment.

Katelyn Epperly is going to take her American Idol Season 9 winnings and open a studio. She is singing “The Scientist” by Coldplay and she is behind the piano, a big white piano.  This performance is mesmerizing.  Is there any doubt that this song has some hidden meaning for her.  You can see her pain.  Great singing with a big husky voice.  That was awesome.  Shut-up Randy, do you even want to be here tonight?  What is wrong with you judges?  That was not too slow.  Is Kara the best judge this year?  Why can’t she be versatile, Kara?  Simon says she was corny?  I thought she was great.


Paige Miles colors in coloring books.  Is she a trend setter? She is singing “Walk Away” by Kelly Clarkson.  She is right, this pace of song suits her and Simon was right last week.  She can really sing.   To have so little experience she is very comfortable on stage.  She is strong. Daaaaaang, girl. I think you could say she owned that performance.  I am not discussing Randy’s comments any more.  Lalalalala (fingers in my ears).  Ellen?  She loved it and comments on how much fun she had with the song.  Kara does not think she connected with the meaning of the song but liked it.

It is amazing how wrong the judges are tonight.  I pretty much have disagreed with their overall assessment of every performance.

Siobhan Magnus let her mohawk grow out, thank goodness. She is singing “Think” by Aretha Franklin.  Well, she is going big this week.   She sings it okay, if you forget Aretha, but I am wondering why she is singing this song.  It doesn’t connect for me.  But she does show off her pipes.  The judges love it with a capital L.

The ladies were much, much better tonight than the guys.  Tonight makes Simon look like a prophet.  Crystal Bowersox took the night but all the girls were good tonight.


  1. Crystal was amazing..what a great version of the song.

  2. Haeley was as bad as Crystal was great. Cool that Lacey did that song, but wasn’t anything special in my eyes.

  3. The performers might not be great, but I can’t remember a night more full of my fave songs. DiDi does a song covered by DCTalk, Michelle does one of my faves of all!! Michelle I’d give a B+ and Didi a B-. Katie was OK.

  4. Lilly was cool but I favored crystal.

  5. I do like her better than Adam, he gave me the creeps.

  6. Katelyn has been much better than I expected so far. I have to say I liked Siobhan better than Paige, but that was a great duo to end the show.

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