American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Guys

Big changes tonight on American Idol Season 9.  According to some illness that has struck the girls, either one, Crystal Bowersox, or several of the girls will be unable to perform, so the guys are pressed into duty.  After a generally underwhelming set of performances last week let’s hope the American Idol Season 9 Top 20 can deliver this week.

We lost one of our American Idol Season 9 Christian music artists last week, but not the one we thought might leave.  Ashley Rodriguez was a victim of delivering a mediocre performance during a time when several attractive R&B singers split the votes for attractive R&B singers.  That leaves us with six Christian music artists on American Idol Season 9Jermaine Sellers, Tim Urban and Michael Lynche perform tonight and Didi Benami, Lacey Brown and Michelle Delamor perform with the ladies tomorrow.  Tim Urban and Lacey Brown need big performances this week to survive Thursday night’s American Idol Season 9 Top 20 results show.

Tonight Michael Lynche, Jermaine Sellers and Tim Urban perform with Andy Garcia, Casey Jones, John Park, Alex Lambert, Lee Dewyze, Toddrick Hall and Aaron Kelly to sing songs from the Billboard charts, which means almost anything.

So, join us for our live reactions over the next two hours as we continue to support the Christian music artists on American Idol Season 9.

Ryan explains that Crystal Bowersox is in the hospital and unable to perform so the guys are performing tonight.  Does Michael Lynche get the last performing spot?  Two guys and two girls go home on Thursday.

Michael Lynche starts out doing James Brown’s “It’s A Mans World”  Fantastic start!  Great singing, great performance.  A great arrangement of an iconic song.  Randy gives him a standing ovation.  Kara and Ellen says it is the performance to beat.  Simon says he in one week Michael went from a kitten to a lion and modernized that old song.  I had some really good stuff written on this performance and hit the wrong button on my keyboard and erased the entire thing.  It was good really.  I will buy this.

John Park is in an acapella group at Northwestern called Purple Haze.  John was born in the U.S. but grew up in Korea until the 4th grade.  He was bothered by the judges criticism.  He is singing “Gravity” by John Mayer.  From jazz to jazzy blues, but this is a good singing song.  He looks terrified, surprising.  John has a good voice but I don’t hear anything special in this performance.  He seems to get washed away in the music.  The performance lacked emotion.  Randy thinks it was flat and Ellen thinks it lacked soul.  They all think it was better than last week.  Kara misses his connection to the song, says he needs to let loose and take some risks.  Simon thinks he may go home.

Casey James is bringing a little electric guitar to the stage.  Casey bought and remodeled a house?  He is doing “I Don’t Wanna Be” by Davin McGraw an American Idol favorite.  He is ripping it up on his guitar and I think it distracted from his vocals.  He seems out of breath, there is no power behind his voice.  He seems comfortable doing the rock guitar performance, but the vocals fell short.  Randy loved the guitar thing, thinks it was hot.  Ellen thinks he was stiff.  Kara did not like him tonight, saying he took two steps back. She hits him on the singing.  Simon agrees with Kara, saying he looked like a rock star wannabe.

Alex Lambert has stage fright, surprise!  He is not throwing up tonight, uncomfortable.  Alex has created his own language?  Tonight he is playing his guitar. He is singing John Legend’s “Everybody Knows”.  He is certainly more comfortable, but I don’t get this guy.  My wife likes his voice.  Much, much better than last week, but it doesn’t work for me.  Missed that last note.  Ellen says tonight he is the ripened banana.  She says he is the most unique talent on the show.  Kara is loving Alex Lambert and Simon calls it a million times better.  Simon gave him really good tough love and told him to believe in himself and compete to win.

Toddrick Hall, who may become the edgiest performer of American Idol Season 9, is doing Tina Turner tonight. Last week he ripped up a Kelly Clarkson song, the judges hated it but many on the blogosphere, me included, loved it.  He is singing “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and is limiting his dancing and performing.  I think he is making a mistake, for the first half of the song.  Then he pulls the mike off the stand and starts moving.  It is like he sings better when he dances.  Randy does not like his arrangement.  Ellen thinks the song choice was bad.  Kara says he is trying to do too much.  Simon says to move and not sing, calling it theme park-like.

We are halfway through the performances.  The show is much better this week, but Christian music artist Michael Lynche still owns the night.  He set a high bar and no one has reached it yet.

Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers takes his turn on stage next.  He really wears a onesy on national television.  He is brave.  Tonight he is singing Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”.  He is very brave, maybe even foolish.  This song is perfect for his voice but he is not delivering.  It sounds like a lounge act version of one of the most important songs of the 20th century.  Sorry, Jermaine you really, really missed tonight.  Get ready to get ripped.  Randy says “better than last week??” Ellen compliments him for the onesy.  ‘Nuff said.  Kara says he is trying to do too much.  Simon says the judges are frustrated and that he waters down the song.  Simon agrees to go to church with Jermaine.  Way to go Jermaine!

Andy Garcia is a break dancer! Once again the judges did not like his arrangement last week and once again I disagree.    He is singing James Morrison’s “You Give Me Something”.  He seems a little uncomfortable without his guitar.  He is all over the place with his pitch.  Is he doing it on purpose?  He has moments and this is a different side of Andy Garcia.  Not sure I liked this.  Randy did not get it.  Ellen disagrees and she thinks they are judging him based on his high point from Hollywood Week.  Simon is frustrated with Andy as well, calling his performance okay, when he is better than okay.

Aaron Kelly does not believe he should be on the show.  He needs more confidence while he sings “My Girl” from the Temptations.  I don’t think this is really his groove.  He is actually doing this pretty well, even with his country tilt on the song.  He just showed he can really sing.  That was pretty good.  Randy says it was 200% better.  Ellen says that “My Girl” is forgettable.  Boo, Ellen.  Kara liked it all, but Simon did not like it at all.  He thinks it was too old fashioned. I disagree with Simon.  I think this could be a country hit for Aaron.

At least Christian music artist Tim Urban gets a fighting chance with next to last performing slot.  Let’s see what he can do with it.  Tim comes from a large family and he prays before he performs.  He is performing “Come On and Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson and he is playing his guitar.  Much, much better than last week but it is no breakthrough for Tim.  A nice performance of a nice song. Randy says there was nothing special.  Ellen says there is no charisma and he is not really a singer.  Simon actually likes him this week.  He is impressed with his work ethic.  Simon is actually complimentary.  Is this enough to save him for another week?

We end the evening with the judge’s favorite from last week, Lee Dewyze.  Lee was a problem child in High School, but recovered with the help of a teacher.  Good for him.  He is doing “Lips of An Angel” by Hinder.  Lee has the voice of a hundred lead singers on the radio.  That is a compliment.  He seems to be struggling with the song.  His pitch is all over the place.  You know he can do better vocally.  Randy did not like it but was told to compliment Lee.  Ellen says great?  I agree with Kara that you can hear Lee on the radio right now.  Simon calls him the best singer of the guys.  I disagree with the judges assessment of Lee’s performance tonight.  It seemed biased.

Despite the lead position Michael Lynche took the night by a mile.  In a night when just about everyone improved, no one was even close.  Michael Lynche gave the first breakthrough performance of the season.

Join us tomorrow night to see if the girls can also show the type of improvement the guys showed tonight.


  1. I thought Michael and Alex were the best. I want to see Alex do well after getting ripped from that Mary in group singing.

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