American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Results

This is the big night for American Idol Season 9 contestants.  Whoever survives tonight’s votes will join the American Idol Season 9 tour and dramatically increase their probability of a career in entertainment. Overall, I enjoyed the show last night.  I thought most of the performances were good to very good.

However, I must be watching a different show than the American Idol Season 9 judges.  They generally hated what I liked and liked what I hated.  After following this show so long I should realize that American Idol judges love the bombastic (with a big capital B).  So why should I be surprised that they went apoplectic over Siobhan Magnus’s crazy version of “Paint It Black.”   I thought it was loud, over theatrical and lost all connection with song.

How did our Christian music artists fare?  Let me give you my opinion:

  • Michael Lynche’s “Miss You” was outstanding.  Every week he demonstrates more and more of his vocal prowess and last night he showed off his arranging skills with an R&B influenced version of the Stone’s biggest disco hit.
  • Didi Benami showed herself to be more than a fragile pop singer/songwriter as she took “Play With Fire” deep into her dark self.  This was a good move for her, even if it was a little scary.
  • I liked Tim Urban’s reggae take on “Under My Thumb”.  The judges did not get it, but I guess these music industry professionals do not understand the mournful, rebellious mood of most reggae music.  This is protest music of a suppressed people packaged in an island dance beat.  Anyway, this was a good choice for Tim to control a Rolling Stone’s song and he performed it well.
  • Lacey Brown sang “Ruby Tuesday” quite well.  I don’t think she did anything special with the song and I think her inability to arrange and interpret songs to her talents will be her downfall.

I believe that Katie Stevens (hopefully not Lacey Brown) or Andy Garcia (hopefully not Tim Urban) will go home tonight.  If my predictions hold true that will be somewhat of a surprise because both Katie and Andy came into the live performances as strong contenders to win.  They just have not raised their game.

Well, here we go.  Wonderful montage of past moments for our current contestants.  Ryan and Simon discuss their “less than civil” moments last night.  Simon offers Ryan his job. Simon reminds the audience that the judges have the power to save a contestant from going home.  The decision must be unanimous. Ryan welcomes David Cook, singing Jumping Jack Flash. David and his band rock out. David is working on an album and planning a trip to Africa with Idol Gives Back.

The first Ford commercial is up with all of our contestants.  Looks good.  Hair stylists and wardrobe consultants definitely in play here.  They got to work with the Ford designers to work on their own custom Fiesta graphics.  On to the results.  There are 3 stools highlighted at stage left and the three least voted for contestants will sit there.  Paige Miles is up first and unfortunately for her, is asked to sit on a stool.  Next up is Lee Dewyze.  Lee thinks he needs to let loose and relax if he gets to stay.  He is safe and sits down.  Siobhan Magnus is also safe.  Aaron Kelly stands next.  Randy still thinks Aaron had a Justin Timberlake moment.  Aaron is also safe.  Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban are up next.  Both guys look really nervous.  Andrew is safe and oh no, our guy Tim is asked to sit with Paige.

New rock and roll personality Orianthi will perform According to You.  This artist has played with the likes of  Steve Vai,  Carlos Santana and Carrie Underwood (at the Grammys).  She auditioned for  Michael Jackson to be a part of his planned tour. 

Ryan continues with the voting results.  Didi Benami talks with Ryan next.  She seems nervous but says she is having a good time.  She admits that she almost cried when she saw her Mom on the video prior to her song. Very emotional singer. But good news, she is safe. Crystal Bowersox stands next.  She was also emotional to see her Dad cry on the video, making it somewhat difficult  to perform.  Maybe they shouldn’t show those videos prior to performances.  Just a thought.  Crystal is also safe.  Katie Stevens is up.  Katie feels the judges comments can be somewhat confusing. Simon feels she should be doing more country.  She is safe.  Here comes Michael Lynche.  Big Mike.  He did go back to watch his song.  He says he is here for the people.  This is good, Michael will be back next week.  He waves to the crowd.  Lacey Brown and Casey James are asked to stand.  After the nationwide vote, Lacey is in the bottom three.  With all of the bottom 3 on stage now, Ryan states that one will have to sing for survival, and two will be safe.  Will the judges use the save tonight?  They can only do this one time.  Tim Urban is safe.  Wow, that’s great.  He looks surprised.

But first up is artist Kesha with her new single, Blah Blah Blah.  (That is the name of her song, I am not being callous) Interesting.

Paige and Lacey are up.  One of the girls will be safe and continue on while the other sings for the save.  Ryan announces that the person in danger is Lacey.   Oh no.  Paige is safe and sits down.  Lacey Brown is singing for the save as the judges discuss amongst themselves whether they will keep her until next week.  C’mon Lacey, you can do it girl.  She sounds nervous though.  The judges think so too and decide not to save her. 

Well Lacey Brown, I enjoyed your singing and performances and I feel that you were improving and becoming stronger each week. Continue singing.   We will miss you.  God bless.

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