American Idol Season 9- Who Is Going On The Tour?

We are down to it.  Whoever stays in American Idol Season 9 goes on the summer long tour. Last night was not a stellar night for American Idol.  I think, for the most part, each contestant had their weakest performance of the season.

We have three Christian music artists remaining.  I thought Michael Lynche’s performance was much better than anyone else on this planet, or so it seems.  It was certainly good enough to keep him on the tour.  Didi Benami was destroyed by the judges but I am pretty sure she stays out of the Bottom 3.  Tim Urban was essentially dismissed by the judges for his performance of “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and he may be in trouble.

My prediction for the bottom three are: Paige Miles, Tim Urban and Andy Garcia.  I think Paige Miles goes home.

Enough with the speculation let’s watch together.

America has voted.  The judges have a save but there will need to be a big surprise for them to use it tonight.

So the group number is one of the worst pop songs in history, “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”.  Not very many dancers in this group are there? Okay, this is boring, can we go to a commercial?

It is time to discover the first in the bottom 3.   But first we have the Ford commercial, which seems to involve some sort of vandalism.  Siobhan Magnus‘s boss will not shave until she wins.  What happens if she doesn’t win?  Will we see him in beard contests next year?  First up to be tortured, Siobhan and she is, of course, safe.   Lee Dewyze and Casey James are tortured in tandem. Now Tim Urban and Paige Miles are added to the mix.  Four Idols wait to hear their fate.  Paige looks like she is sick to her stomach.  Paige Miles is in the bottom three and so is Tim Urban.

Usher will mentor the American Idol Top 10 through an R&B/Soul Theme next week.

Christian music artist Myley Cyrus is at her piano singing some ballad.  All I am going to say is that I am glad she is mentoring and not competing.  A rain storm disrupted our Myley Cyrus commentary.  My satellite is living up to the cable commercials. We may be back in a moment.

We are back and American Idol is back as well.  Just in time.  Who will join Tim Urban and Paige Miles in the bottom 3?  Looks like it won’t be Aaron Kelly or Didi Benami, Michael Lynche or Crystal Bowersox.   Crystal Bowersox is good but she just seems so out of place on this show.  The last spot in the bottom 3 is filled by Katie Stevens, shocker.  Of the three, Katie Stevens is already sent back to the couch.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato delay the results by singing “Make A Wave”. Did you notice how Demi Lovato made a little wave with her body when she sang ‘make a wave”?  That was a short song.

Now let’s see who comes one spot short.  But we have to make a wave through some commercials before we find out.  Tim or Paige, Tim or Paige?  Going home tonight is Paige Miles.  She just could not survive last night’s bad performance.  American Idol Season 9 was supposed to be the season of the girls.  We are now six guys to four girls.  What is up with that?

See you next week when we live blog American Idol Season 9‘s RB/Soul week.

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