Close Your Eyes Posts New Music Video

close your eyes 09

Check it out!  A new video from hardcore upstarts Close Your Eyes. “Song for The Broken” comes from Close Your Eyes’ newest release on Victory Records, We Will Overcome.  These guys are rapidly becoming one of the most watched groups on the hardcore scene and there signing by Victory Records should mark the start of some big things for Close Your Eyes.


  1. Carl says:

    These guys remind me of Dead Poetics “Four Wall Blackmail.” The mixes of melodies with scream as well as the drum and bass lines. I love this song and what it brings to the table, and how Close Your Eyes represents Victory Records. Thanks again ONE21 for continuously revealing new work! It’s hard to find time to get online and delve in music the way I used to, and that’s why I rely on you guys to do all the hard work for me.

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