Cool Hand Luke Issues Update

Cool Hand Luke 08

Mark from Cool Hand Luke was able to post a big ol update yesterday concerning new music from the band, a few new shows, and much more. The following was posted yesterday on the band’s blog:

I wanted to let you know about a few things coming up. First of all, I am contributing a new song to a benefit album called
We Were Lost…We Were Free
. Here’s the press release:

Any day now, On Joyful Wings will release the charity album “We Were Lost…We Were Free” via their blog. The album costs $5, of which 100% goes directly to the Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation. Twenty-one artists have joined together, each touched in different ways, on a singular mission to fight breast cancer. Please buy the album, join the fight, and enjoy the music.

Here is the blog:

Here is the Facebook page:

The song I am contributing is called NHR.2. It is a reimagining of an old song from Wake Up, O Sleeper called Nobody Hugs A Rose. This was one of the first songs I wrote on piano, and none of us were happy with how it turned out..

I had another go at it with the help of some friends. I’m very pleased with the new version and it’s much truer to my original vision. I hope you’ll check it out and support the cause. Konrad Snyder recorded it. Here are the players:

Jonny Buchanan: pedal steel

Chris McMurtry: guitar

Matt Mosely: bass

Me: drums, piano, vocals

In a few weeks the live record that I recorded a few months back will be ready to purchase. This was a solo show that was recorded in Nashville, TN at The Brown Owl Studio. It’s going to be called Cool Hand Luke Live at the Brown Owl. More details soon.

And last, but not least, I’ll be heading down south for a week of shows in Georgia and Florida. Check the shows for details. I can’t wait to get out again and play. I’ll be writing, recording, and playing a lot of shows in the coming months. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for still caring after all this time. I plan to continue communicating the message of the gospel in whatever capacity God allows. For now it looks like it’s music, and I’m excited.


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