Free MP3 Album Download: Ulterium Records Sampler

ultiterium records samplerw
ultiterium records sampler

So today for our free download I gotta whole lotta metal fo yo head!  Indie Vision Music was nice enough to make this available for everyone, so go thank them for sure…Ultterium Records has been around for the last few years trying to bring back the true essence of metal to the Christian scene. They specialize in Black Metal, Thrash, Power Metal, and Goth. Today, you get a little taste of all of it! 17 tracks, 11 bands, and alot of headbangin’.

Artists include: Sinbreed, Audiovision, Theocracy, Incrave, and many more. If you have know idea who any of those name s are, then its time to find out. Remember, its free, so what excuse do you really have?

Follow the link below to go get the sampler…..

Download The Ulterium Records Sampler

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