Manchester Orchestra Live On Jimmy Kimmel Video

Manchester Orchestra 09

Below is the rocking performance of “In My Teeth” by Manchester Orchestra which appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show last week. Its a great song and a great performance, I think we can agree that the crowd must have been on sedatives or something….


  1. justindcovey says:

    I never realized what a rockin’ song this is. I used to always skip over this one when I listened to the album. Skipped no more.

  2. Carl says:

    In a restless night of sleep and channel-surfing I came across this show. Thank you late night television for keeping me awake longer, cause this was an outstanding performance.

  3. ian says:

    I completely agree, I also think this is one of their weakest songs….and it is STILL this good…..that should tell u something

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