SXSW 2010-La Dispute

So, maybe Chuck will elaborate on why we are only covering one band today, but let’s just say that day 2 vs. The ONE21 Music let us in the losers corner.

The highlight of the night was A) meeting my wife downtown and B) going to see progressive post-hardcore band La Dispute. They played a small little bar/club called Plush, and the place was completely packed with less than 100 people in the room. Lucky for us, my wife and I were able to stand on some hollow speaker cabs and watch the entire sho with little obstruction.

Now, I have seen La Dispute before, four times actually (twice at Cornerstone Fest in 07, and once here in Austin), but this is the show I always thought they should have. From the opening clash of the cymbals, the place erupted in movement and sound. The band’s frenzied live show was reflected by the enthusiastic crowd who seemed to know every word to every song. The band only played about a 30 minute set, but were able to blast through about 7 songs within that time.  The band had the crowd the from moment one, and they gave everything they had to the set.

These are the types of shows that made me fall in love with hardcore and punk. The music was aggresive, but there was nothing but smiles from everyone in the room.

Im sure Chuck will update with his night full of The Rocketboys and Eisley, so stay tuned for that one….

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