American Idol Season 9-Idol Gives Back

We are really torn about tonight.  American Idol Season 9 presents it annual telethon, Idol Gives Back to raise money for numerous charities.  This is a huge and wonderful event with some of the best recording artists of our day.  Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, The Black Eyed Peas and Jeff Beck will perform and you will contribute money for charities around the world.

We think this event is too important for our snarky commentary, so we will step back, give you room to enjoy the night and share some of your wealth with others.  Check back with us at 8:30 cst.  We will highlight the Idol Gives back and live blog the results.  Enjoy.

We are back.  Ninety minutes of Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Jeff Beck and Joss Stone.  It has been a night of top flight entertainment and many reasons to give.  The show is going long because Annie Lennox, Elton John and Mary J. Blige are still to perform.

Also on the slate is the elimination of one of the American Idol Season 9 Top 7.  Casey James and Aaron Kelly are in the Bottom 3 so far and Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox are safe.  Who will joining Casey and Aaron?  Michael Lynche, Tim Urban and Siobhan Magnus are paraded to the middle of the stage. Siobhan is safe again, Michael Lynche is safe and Tim Urban returns to his place in the Bottom 3.

For all of you who set your DVR for Idol Gives Back you should go reset it.  I hope you captured that amazing performance by Mary J Blige.  Her version of “Stairway to Heaven” was mind blowing.

We wrap up Idol Gives Back with the Top 7 results.  First, Aaron Kelly is sent to safety.  Tim Urban’s run on American Idol Season 9 is over and he goes home tonight.  Great run Tim Urban.  Thank you for showing us how to count blessings and smile through perceived adversity.

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