American Idol Season 9- Top 6 Rankings

American Idol Season 9‘s version of Idol Gives Back raised $45 million for charities around the world and proved how difficult it is to walk on that stage and deliver a quality performance.  Alicia Keys, Elton John and the Black Eyed Peas all stumbled through off key performances.  Jeff Beck and Joss Stone were interesting with their version of “I Put A Spell On You” and Carrie Underwood’s “Change” was as good as she always is.  Mary J. Blige was a revelation with her version of “Stairway to Heaven”.

We lost Christian music artist Tim Urban went home on Wednesday night.  What a great story.  Tim Urban did not survive Hollywood Week but was pulled back in at the last minute when Chris Golightly was disqualified.  Tim struggled mightily during the first few weeks and the judges destroyed Tim Urban week after week.  But Tim was grateful.  He took the criticism, enjoyed the tremendous opportunity of American Idol Season 9 and improved.  In doing so, Tim Urban has turned an audition into a music and acting career.

We are down to six on American Idol Season 9 and we are left with only one Christian music artist, Michael Lynche.  Last week, the Idols performed inspirational songs and Crystal Bowersox very much separated herself from all of the remaining six performers.

American Idol Season 9 Top 6 Power Rankings

  1. Crystal Bowersox delivered her most emotional and one of her most amazing performances of the season. She blasted through “People Get Ready” like she meant it.  Crystal Bowersox has no peers on American Idol Season 9.
  2. Michael Lynche‘s “Hero” was, once again, technically perfect but not was not his best performance of the American Idol Season 9.
  3. Lee Dewyze sang “The Boxer” and the judges were fighting to deliver the highest praise.  We were not as thrilled with Lee mumbling his way through this Simon & Garfunkel song.
  4. Casey James‘ version of “Don’t Stop” was bland and lazy.
  5. Siobhan Magnus continued to slide by taking a big risk with “When You Believe” and failing to deliver.
  6. Aaron Kelly‘s “I Believe I Can Fly” was a big overwrought pitchy mess.

Shania Twain will mentor this week and the American Idol Season 9 Top 6 will select songs from her songbook.  So get ready for six country pop performances and a fun mentor.


  1. Ron says:

    If you think Crystal has no peer, you are terribly underestimating Siobhan Magnus. Crystal performs in the same style each week; it practically sounds like the same song. Ranking Michael and Lee above Siobhan in a singing competition pretty much stamps on your forehead that you know almost nothing about music.

  2. chuck says:

    Ah ha, but it is not just a singing competition, it is a performing competition and a popularity contest. It is also a test of tenacity and fortitude. Since she was first criticized, Siobhan has not been the same. She seems to have lost her confidence is on a quest to please the judges.

    As far as singing goes. I agree that you can argue the virtues of Siobhan vs Lee, but I disagree with you on Michael. Both Siobhan and Lee have had good singing weeks and very bad singing weeks. I don’t like Siobhan’s low end and her high pitched wails (I mean that in a good way) seem a little gimmicky to me. Michael, even when you don’t like his song choices, has yet to hit a bad note and has had vocal moments as fantastical anything Siobhan has delivered.

    With all of that said, thank you for reading and expressing your opinion. You have many friends in the Magnus army because she has yet to risk exiting American Idol Season 9.

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