American Idol Season 9- Top 9 Results

Well, American Idol Season 9 fared better with the Lennon/McCartney song book than they did with either the Billboard #1′s or R&B/Soul themes.  Most of the performances were a step or two or three above last week’s.  Michael Lynche and Crystal Bowersox continued to show consistent excellence and creativity.  Tim Urban and Katie Stevens improved.  However, best buddies Lee Dewyze and Andy Garcia could not build on last week’s performances.  I must admit the I missed Didi Benami.

After the Ford commercial, Rihanna and some others perform, some banter with the judges and many commercials we will find out who goes home tonight.  We believe that Aaron Kelly should go home but we do not believe that will happen.

We predict the bottom three to be Andy Garcia, Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban.  There are only three girls left, they each have their own voting constituencies and Katie Stevens delivered a superb performance last night.  We believe Andy Garcia will go home tonight.  Will the judges save him or Tim Urban.  I don’t think so.  They might save anyone else who is voted off.

So we begin and Ryan is promising shocking results.  That probably means Tim Urban is safe.  I bet Casey James is in the Bottom 3.

The Top 9 brings back the group performance.  There is really nothing to say about this Beatles medley.

Let’s start the results, after the Ford music video.  Time for business.  Siobhan Magnus is up first and Ryan is making this agonizing by sending Siobhan to the middle of the stage.  Crystal Bowersox joins Siobhan and Ryan moves to Katie Stevens.   All three remaining girls stand in the middle of the stage.  Randy says all three should be safe. Crystal Bowersox is safe as are Katie and Siobhan.  A guy will sing on David Letterman next week.

Adam Lambert will mentor next week.  Really?

This dude Jason Derulo is singing.  He is the one who sings “Watcha Say”. The judges got all excited when Haeley Vaughn sang it in Hollywood.  The judges loved Derulo’s performance.  I see why I miss with the judges so often.

Now we have David Archuleta re-creating his Idol moment with “Imagine”.

We are finally going to start building the American Idol Season 9 Top 9 bottom 3.  Ryan is forming the safe group and the bottom 3, but he is not going to let us know who is in which group.  Talk about drama. Lee Dewyze and Michael Lynche are in different groups so that will be a surprise if they stay in separate groups.  Casey James joins Lee and Aaron Kelly joins Big Mike.  Tim Urban joins Lee and Casey so Andrew joins Big Mike’s group.  One group is safe.  Which one is it?  A surprise in both groups.

Wow Michael Lynche is in the bottom 3 and Tim Urban is safe. Even bigger surprise, Michael Lynche is in the Bottom 2.  This is a travesty.  I think Andy Garcia will go home but there is no way Michael Lynche should be in the bottom 2.

It is time for some Rihanna, singing “Rock Star 101″.  We have a dancer playing a grinder on steel blouse. I must be old, this sounds like a mess to me.  Would you pay $200 to see Rihanna play air guitar?  Well you can because her tour tickets go on sale this weekend.

Michael Lynche is singing for his survival.  Big Mike is on the chopping block.  Surely the judges will save him.  He is singing “A Woman’s Work”.  Does America hate R&B?  This season is a joke.  Crystal Bowersox seems almost as upset as Mike’s wife.  It is time for the judges use the save and they do.  Good choice.

Michael Lynche it is time to pull out all the stops next week.


  1. Martin says:

    Now next week two contestants will be voted out due to the save being used.

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