Bloodline Calligraphy Bassist Passes Away

eric bloodline

Eric Cargile, bass player and core member of Bloodline Calligraphy, passed away this week in his sleep from unknown causes. The following was posted on the band’s Myspace:

It is with a heavy heart that I have the displeasure of telling you this:

Yesterday, Tuesday, April 20th, Eric Cargile passed away in his sleep. We don’t know how this happened, all we do know is that a loss of this magnitude cannot be truly explained in words. Eric was seriously the heart of this band, and more importantly, he was the best friend and person we have ever met. Without him, so many things would have never been possible, and we all have so many amazing memories of and with him.

We have lost our brother, our best friend, and things will never be close to the same without him. Any of you, bands, friends, fans, who had the pleasure of meeting this extraordinary man can attest to the genuine nature of his heart.

We are currently working on setting up a benefit show and a paypal account to try and raise money to cover expenses, if you feel compelled to help his family and honor his legacy, it would be immensely and indescribably appreciated.

Keep all of us, friends and family, in your thoughts and prayers.

Birdman/BLC/The Apex Predator

Rest In Peace
Eric Cargile

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