Free MP3 Download: Page CXVI Part 1


From their website:

Page CXVI is a project started with the idea of making hymns accessible and known again. We invite you to join us in this task, by submitting the hymns that have inspired, directed, revived and humbled you.

Essentially this is a project, featuring many different players, that is re-thinking traditional hymns and songs. Some sound very different from the stuff you grew up with in church, others will ring very familiar. Every track is an attempt to reach into the emotion of the hymn and breath life into it, so that a newer generation will be able to take in the beauty of these songs.

1. Come Thou Fount
2. In Christ Alone
3. My Jesus I Love Thee
4. When I Survey The Wonderful Cross
5. Nothing But The Blood
6. Solid Rock
7. Joy

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