Free MP3 Download:The Lilies & Sparrows-Busy Bees EP

busy bees ep

This week we have a little folk/bluegrass/worship music from Lilies & Sparrows. Never heard of them? That’s okey, because they dont tour or play a lot due to the fact that most of the member are in the Blood & Ink Records southern metalcore band Divide The Sea. Lilies & Sparrows bears little rsemblance to the members more aggressive project, indulging their folk and country influences to bring a very interesting sound that is somewhat familiar and at the same time interesting.

One of the things I really loved about Divide The Sea was their ability to make every song they record “special” in some way. The Busy Bee EP is full of very intersting moments that give it a life of it’s own. The songs themselves are a slightly more southern versions on folk based worship. They drive aggressively but lyrically they are songs for the broken and seeking.

This is a good one for sure, check it out!

For fans of: Preson Phillips, David Crowder Band, Bradley Hathaway

Download The Lilies & Sparrows- The Bus Bees EP

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