RedCloud Sparks More Controversy

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Okey, so I was hoping that an interview with RedCloud would have happened by now to add to this post, but it hasn’t, and I think that this is an important thing to talk about with you guys. So here it:

In case you dont know, the emcee known as RedCloud has been one of the big movers in the Holy Hip-Hop scene for the better part of the 2000s. He was Syntax Records most popular artist (and also its oldest if I understand correctly), and was a very talented artist who was very open with his faith. Close to a year ago, RedCloud was dropped from his long time label home for “persistant substance abuse”. We later discovered that RedCloud smoked pot pretty regularly, and after many attempts to come an understanding, Syntax decided to stop promoting him through their ministry based label.

For the most part, RedCloud has been pretty silent in all of this until about a week ago when he posted a song blasting the Christian Hip-Hop scene with the song “Evandalism”.

Our friends at wrote an article based on the song, and a lively discussion ensued. While I usually dont like to send you else where for your music needs, I think you should read the reactions to the song. Tre9 (the owner/operator of has promised a interview with RedCloud very soon, so I will keep you updated on that:

Read discussion on RedCloud’s new track, “Evandalism”

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