American Idol Season 9-Top 4 Performances

American Idol Season 9 is in the home stretch.  Two more weeks to the finals and the entire season is really up in the air.  As weak as we believe Casey James appears, any one of the top 4 can win. In our American Idol Season 9 Power Rankings we discuss how close the top 4 are and how victory will be determined by who can deliver one or two break out performances over the next few weeks.

Tonight the American Idol Season 9 performers will perform one solo song and perform one duet.  Jaime Foxx will mentor the Idols as they sing songs form the movies. Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox will be paired in one duet while the Michael Lynche and Casey James will team up for the other song. The duets the past few years have been a waste of time.

Will Christian music artist Michael Lynche change his style to try to create an attention grabbing spectacle tonight?  Will Crystal Bowersox regain her form?  Can Casey James recover and stay on the show?  Will Lee Dewyze continue to play it safe and skate to the finals?  Join us as we live blog the American Idol Season 9 top 4 performances and maybe get some answers to these questions.

Remember Jamie Foxx is an Oscar winning actor and triple platinum R&B artist.  He brought tshirts.  He challenged the Idols to move from being a contestant to being an artist.

Lee Dewyze is doing Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose”.  Jaime Foxx got uncomfortably close to Lee’s face during rehearsals.  Lee just proved that his upper range has a very low limit and has fallen off key.  This is not the time for Lee to sing badly. He fights this song all of the way through.  That was as bad as Lee Dewyze has done this season.  Randy does not like the song choice but brushes over the singing.  Ellen feeds the Lee PR beast.  Kara, speak truth.  She calls out all of the bad singing but, in the end, she says he is great.  Simon says it sounded karaoke.  I would say bad karaoke.

Michael Lynche made a promise to himself a year ago to make it into the Top 3 on American Idol Season 9.  He is singing Michael Jackson‘s “Will You Be There”.  He starts on the stairs and is backed by a choir.  He is giving this the full gospel treatment. It had potential but never reached its crescendo.  The performance just did not have time to develop.  Randy does not like it.  Kara says he played it safe. Simon tried to find something nice to say.

Next up with the first duet.  Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze perform “Falling Slowly”.  This is two great singers going at it.  Kinda feels that they are battling rather than singing together. This pales in comparison to the original Randy loves it. Ellen compares them to Captain and Tenille.  Kara says it is one of her best moments of the season.  Simon says it was fantastic.

I just went back and watched Lee’s and Crystal’s duet.  Okay, so I was wrong.  That was pretty great.

Time for Casey James from Cool, Texas.  He is singing “Mrs. Robinson” playing a mandolin. This a nice Casey performance but it is a little sleepy for me. The mandolin is a nice touch, but the song does not build.  there is not much there to hold on to.  I agree with Randy that it was cool but there was not much exciting.  Ellen calls him out for not going further with the song.  Kara gets lost in the meaning of the song.  Simon says the performance had the substance  needed for this point in the competition.  I agree with Simon.

Crystal Bowersox is singing a song from “Caddyshack.” Yep, she is singing “I’m All Right.”  She re-arranges the song into an alt-country, blues number.  I am not sure I like the arrangement but it gives Crystal an opportunity to show off her voice.  This is her best performance in weeks. Randy like that she switched the arrangement but did not love the performance.  Ellen and Kara say she made the song better than the original.  Simon says she is back in the game.

We end the evening with Michael Lynche and Casey James singing “Have You Ever Really Loved A Women”.  Casey starts playing some sweet Spanish guitar.  Their voices sound good together.  That was a nice performance with a twist.  Randy calls it brilliant.  Kara says the duets were incredible, better than all of the solo performances.  Simon says it was really good.

Well, there it is.  The American Idol Season 9 Top4 have made their cases.  Join us tomorrow night as we live blog the results and see who gets the hometown parade.

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