American Idol Season 9- Top 4 Power Rankings

We are in the final stretch of American Idol Season 9 and this has really been a mystery season for me.  It seems as if Season 9 has been going on for two years yet I can remember very little of what has happened.  I can only remember five performances.

I thought Katelyn Epperly’s heart-breaking interpretation of “The Scientist” would take her into the American Idol Season 9 Top 5.  It was the most polished, professional performance of the season.  Crystal Bowersox’s breakdown at the end of her mind blowing take on “People Get Ready” was a breakthrough in her image.  That may have given America enough insight into Crystal, the girl, to propel her to victory.  Lee Dewyze‘s “Treat Her Like A Lady’ separated him from the other mid tempo acoustic rockers and turned him American Idol Season 9 dark horse to favorite. Crystal Bowersox‘s gospel “Long As I Can See The Light”, sung just out of ICU from a near death experience was the most poignant moment of American Idol Season 9.  Finally, Michael Lynche’s “A Woman’s Work” was the most amazing vocal performance I have seen in five years of watching American Idol.

Other than those performances the rest of American Idol Season 9 has been pretty forgettable.

After the shocking departure Aaron Kelly we are down to four.  Any one of them could still win American Idol Season 9, but none of them stand out in the history of American Idol winners.  Somebody has to win, here are our power rankings.

American Idol Season 9 Top 4 Power Rankings

Last week was another genre struggling for the performers.  As I said in our Top 4 results live blog, the country pop genre and the songs of Sinatra demonstrated how limited the American Idol Season 9 performers can be.  Season long favorite Crystal Bowersox stumbled badly and Casey James delivered his two worst performances.  Christian music artist Michael Lynche was the only of the Top 4 to deliver stellar performances.

  1. Michael Lynche continues dwell in the Bottom 2 but his season long consistency and mastery of country pop and Sinatra propel him to the top of our Top 4 power rankings.  If Michael is to survive into the Top 2 he must, as we have said over the past several weeks, use this week’s theme “Songs of the Movies” to deliver a big, break out performance with funk and hip-hop flavors.
  2. Lee Dewyze is filling the role of fast rising underdog to a tee.  The question is if there is too much time left in American Idol Season 9 for Lee’s act to remain fresh and exciting.  He has not shown very much range and we do not expect anything new over the rest of the season.
  3. Crystal Bowersox seemed invincible two weeks ago.  The story of her quitting American Idol Season 9 cemented her image as a rebel.  She broke down in the middle of “People Get Ready” and seemed all the more vulnrable.  But the past two weeks she strolled through  country pop and Sinatra and now looks like a stylistically limited performer.
  4. Casey James is hanging on by a thread.  The past two weeks exposed his limitations as a singer and seems to be crumbling under the pressure of the competition.  He seems almost glassy eyed during the judges comments.  He has a chance this week to crank up his guitar and make it into the Top 3.

I don’t know who is going to win American Idol Season 9.  It could be any one of these four performers. Join us Tuesday night as we live blog the Movie song performances.


  1. Lee Dewyze continues to fly

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