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Okey, so this is a little late coming in, but I just had to share this with you guys.

So first of all, is that not one of the creepiest album covers you have ever seen? This is Hamden by goth/folk artist ME ( real name Minco Eggersman). I can only describe this as a mix between Doug Burr, Wovenhand, and The Welcome Wagon. Do I have you attention now? Check out some of the press release for this release:

In spring 2009, Minco Eggersman travelled to the town of Hamden, put on an old preacher’s suit, and set up camp in an old, empty church. The musician, producer and record label owner had spent half the winter in bed at home in Amsterdam, feeling ill, tired, and generally miserable. Though he’d been forced to cancel a tour with his band at the close of every day, in the end, music seemed the only possible cure. Minco decided to take a plane to Chicago to take some time off and buy his dream guitar, an old Gibson J-45, and started writing songs for what would become his most personal solo album yet, Hamden.

go check it out for yourself

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