One21 Takes You To Cornerstone

Yes we are!  One21music is making the 18 hour trip to Cornerstone Music Festival 2010.  Nearly 500 Christian music artists and 30,000 fans will descend on a farm in southwestern Illinois for 6 days of  music, seminars, art, prayer, fellowship and camping.  We will do our best to give you the full experience without the mud and nasty communal showers.

cornerstone 2010

Jesus People USA have been hosting Cornerstone Music Festival since 1984.  Originally, staged just outside of Chicago, Cornerstone Music Festival moved to its present location on a farm outside Bushnell, Illinois in 1991.  The festival has featured the biggest of the big music acts anchored by Christians.  We first saw mewithoutyou playing a afternoon show in 2001, learned turntablism from legendary DJ Scott Blackwell and we had our world rocked by Josh Garrels in 2008.  Through the years Mark Heard, Reliant K, Danielson, Pedro The Lion, MXPX and P.O.D. have all played Cornerstone Music Festival.

One21music is bringing a small team to try to cover the 13 stages and six seminar classroom tents.  We will be reviewing shows, uploading videos and photos, doing some interviews and reporting on the vibe of 30,000 stinky Christians jamming on music, art and the presence of 30,000 fellow believers.

We have mentioned the seminars (ranging from Missional Business to Innercity Evangelism to Christian/Science reconciliation).  There is also a Cornerstone Music Festival 2010 art festival and a film festival.  In addition there are 5K races and soccer tournaments.  But never forget that this is a music festival.  In the coming weeks we will give you a more detailed history of Cornerstone Music Festival, previews of the seminars and interviews with some of the bands.  To get started check out profiles and music samples of some of the bands that are playing Cornerstone 2010.

Artists Playing Cornerstone Music Festival 2010

A Hope For Home
A Plea For Purging
The Almost
As They Sleep
August Burns Red
Becoming The Archetype
Before There Was Rosalyn
Blessed By A Broken Heart
Bradley Hathaway
Brooke Waggoner
The Burial
Call To Preserve
The Chariot
Children 18:3
The Color Morale
Cool Hand Luke
David Crowder Band
Deas Vail
Demon Hunter
The Devil Wears Prada
Eastern Block
The Farewell Drifters
Flatfoot 56
For Today
Future of Forestry
The Glorious Unseen
Grave Robber
The Great Commission
Gwen Stacy
Hail The Blessed Hour
Haste The Day
House of Heroes
I Am Terrified
Impending Doom
In The Midst of Lions
John Reuben
Joy Williams
The Letter Black
Living Sacrifice
Love Begotten
My Epic
MyChildren MyBride
Onward to Olympus
Our Corpse Destroyed
Over The Rhine
Paper Route
Queens Club
Sent By Ravens
The Showdown
Sleep for Sleepers
Sleeping Giant (w/Men As Trees Walking)
Texas In July
To Speak of Wolves
War of Ages
White Collar Sideshow

We will add more bands over the coming weeks so check back. If you decide to make the trek to Cornerstone Music Festival 2010, please come by and say hello. We are in camping area a near the HM stage. Come find our signs, we would love to say hello.


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