Cornerstone 2010-Chuck’s Schedule

Cornerstone 2010 offers a chance to explore the new and upcoming bands that may never make it to our local cities.  It also offers us the chance to see the birth of bands that go on to significant success.  I still have the self-released versions of Paper Route‘s demo (in a plain brown bag) and Anathallo‘s A Holiday At The Sea (packaged with a baggie of beach sand).  I remember seeing Eisley win the new band contest and stumbling upon Dignan tearing the house down with 50 people on the stage banging and singing.  I still regret ignoring Ian’s plea for me to come see this exciting new band that only had about 30 people at their show (mewithoutyou).

Last week we published the highlights of Ian’s Cornerstone 2010 schedule.  I will see some of the same acts that Ian discussed: Love Begotten, Flatfoot 56, So Long Forgotten, Levi the Poet, Listener, mewithoutyou and Seabird.  However there are several bands that I have never seen or heard of that I plan to see at Cornerstone 2010.

Check out my full Chuck’s Cornerstone 2010 schedule, find me (you can’t miss me, I will be wearing a photo vest and a white sun hat) and say hello.  We have buttons and stickers.  I would love to hear what you have to say about these bands.

Monday: Ian said this is typically a slow day but after driving in and setting up camp I have 9 bands on my schedule.  I have found a concentration of experimental, indie, jazz bands that will create wonderful, laid back start to Cornerstone 2010.

2x The Mono 4:15-Green Light Production Stage- This experimental/indie/electroacoustic trio whose music is just as wonderfully bizarre as the description sounds, begins my search for the experimental and off-beat at Cornerstone 2010.

Archabald 6:00-Impact Stage-  The music of this ambient pop band is a wonderful experimental mess that is mesmerizing.

The Unfortunate 9:15- Chelsea Cafe- This jazz/folk/soul trio features killer vocalist Ami Moss.  Their rich jazz arrangements and complex solo interactions should be a perfect soundtrack to our first Cornerstone 2010 sunset.

Tuesday: Cornerstone 2010 Day Zero will be a busy one with 15 acts on my schedule. Everyone from superstars Switchfoot to electronic warriors Sheltershed to acoustic guerrillas Hand Drawn Mountains there will be a wide swath of styles and crowd sizes.  Here are some that I am most excited about.

The Clutter 4:10-Chasing Canada Stage- A math rock/experimental act from Lafayette, Indiana is one of my top 5 new artists to see.  Thick driving rock music with complex instrumental arrangements and fuzzed-out looped vocals.  This is really a throw back to mid-60′s psychedelic rock.

Erich Seimens 6:00-Chelsea Cafe- I don’t care what this guy sounds like.  His myspace description as folk/hardcore/turntablism is worth 45 minutes I will dedicate to this fellow Texan.

Charla Rainey 7:00-Jesus Village- A strong neo-folk singer songwriter with beautiful love songs to God will lead me into Switchfoot and the evening.

Wednesday: See Ian’s Wednesday schedule and you will probably find me. The first full day of Cornerstone 2010 starts with So Long Forgotten and is a full out sprint all day and ends with my biggest conflict of the festival.  Do I go see Iona‘s first American show in a decade or do I see what I think will be a monumental Sleeping Giant/Men Walking As Trees Walking show?  A decision must be made.  In the meantime:

Campbell The Band 4:30- Impact Stage- We cannot find a bio for this modern rock band.  It will be one of my Cornerstone 2010 missions.  This band sounds like Radiohead meets MuteMath.

The Hollands! 6:00- Chelsea Cafe-Former Ballydowse guitarist Craig Holland and wife, Jana Holland craft a style of gypsy/folk/punk that has a constantly building, but never relenting tension that is hypnotizing.

Brian Beyke 8:20- Chasing Canada Stage- The Still Pioneers‘ guitarist builds songs live by looping his guitar, vocals and sound effects into swirling post-rock symphonies.

Thursday: Cornerstone 2010 is now in full gear with seminars, art festivals, sport tournaments and much music. My schedule includes everything from party hip hop to bluegrass to funk.

Manafest 1:15- Main Stage- This is a new act for me but I love his deeply spiritual lyrics and party beats.  Don’t laugh if you see me dancing.

Kate York 7:15- Gallery Stage- After a busy day running from stage to stage I settle in for a few hours at the Gallery Stage.  Kate York‘s smooth electro-pop will be a nice transition into the evening.

The Farewell Drifters 8:35- Gallery Stage- The relaxing phase of our day continues at the Gallery Stage continues with some sweet bluegrass gospel symphonies.  Join me and we can dance a jig.

Dave Richards (Red Saviour) 10:00-After Hours Dance Club- Looks like Thursday is the day of the dance.  Dave is the founder of Bring your glow stix and worship with some thumping Christian worship.

Friday: The day you begin to realize that all of this wonderfulness will come to an end, but there is so much greatness there is no time to mourn. If you want to meet the One21music team come by the Gallery Stage becuase we will be there much of the evening.

Bill Tucker 3:00- Jesus Village- I am more excited to see Bill Tucker than anyone else I have found so far in my research. Seven cds of wildly varying experitmental, acoustic, noise, talk music.  I want to see this guy and I want to buy his cds.

The Gallery Stage 6:00 to midnight- Dignan, Paper Route, Eisley and Over The Rhine.  Probably the best collection of music at any one stage at Cornerstone 2010.  Indie rock from Texas (Dignan and Eisley) mixes with the electronic rock of Paper Route and the soaring jazz folk of Over The Rhine.

Children 18:3 9:00 -Underground Stage- We will wrench oursleves away from the Gallery Stage to feed wifey’s love of punk.

Saturday: As we fight fatique and melancholy we look forward to our last day at Cornerstone 2010. This is the day that you do all of those things that you have put off during the week.  You buy your last tshirts and some souvenirs.  You trade numbers with new friends and you make sure you see everything you wanted to see.  And you try to pack up some of your camp so you can get an early start in the morning.  But, there is so much good music left to see.

Sekajipo/Refugee Beat Poets Collective 2:00-Jesus Village- I cannot find any information about this artist, but with a name like this how can you miss this show?

Levi The Poet 4:30- Solace Stage & Listener 5:10- Underground Stage- Ian has raved about Levi and Listener so much how can I miss them?

Men Walking As Trees 6:00- Underground Stage- Just in case I miss the Sleeping Giant show I will hang around the Underground Stage to worship with this Dallas based world music worship band.

Seabird- 10:00- Gallery Stage- Trust me when I tell you there is no better way to end your Cornerstone 2010 experience than sitting under the stars listening to Aaron Morgan‘s booming, crystal clear vocals and the melodic rock of Seabird.

Sunday: Break camp at dawn (yawn, yawn) and 17 hours on the road back to Texas, musically satiated and spiritually filled.

Please, if you see us around please come say hello.  We will be handing out buttons and stickers and recording Cornerstone 2010 for our readers who cannot make it to the Farm.


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