Cornerstone 2010 Has Arrived At One21music

1100 miles, 4 states, 3 tanks of gas and 17 hours and Cornerstone 2010 is here.  I guess I should say that One21music is here. We left Austin at midnight Sunday morning and arrived in  MaCombs, Il at 5:30 Sunday evening.  I sit in the lobby of the Best Western Hotel waiting to set up camp at Cornerstone 2010

We are unsure of out Internet availabilty once we enter the farm so this may be our last post for the week.  We hope not because we want you to experience Cornerstone 2010 along with us. If this is our last post for the week, check back on July 6th as we start to flood the site with memories, insights, photos and videos from Cornerstone 2010.

Today we pitch tents, organize the camp site, get our press credentials set and start meeting our 30,000 new neighbors.  In all of that we will try to catch shows from Love Begotten, 2X  The Mono and the Unfortunate.

Check in regularly to see if we are able to launch any reporting from Cornerstone 2010.

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