Cornerstone 2010 New Bands to Consider


Greetings from Asia.  I have been in China and Korea the past ten days and I head home today.  Time for celebration and revelry.  No, that is not me in the plaid shorts in the photo, but I must share one of our favorite Cornerstone memories.  Each year Cornerstone has a strong mix of earthy and world music.  Inevitably a group of people sporting bandannas and long flowing skirts will break out into a rapturous dance.  Their smiles, flowing limbs and uninhibited joy is a spectacle to enjoy and is fun to engage.  We call it “hippie dancing”.  It makes us smile every time we say it because ‘hippie dancing” represents free spirited expression. It is one of the things we look forward to at Cornerstone each year.

But the main attraction at Cornerstone 2010 is the music and we at One21 are trying to help you find the bands that best connect your music tastes with how you live your faith.  A couple weeks ago we posted our first guide to the One21 bios of Cornerstone bands.  We update the guide to Cornerstone bands a few days later.  This week Ian posted his schedule of One21 highlights for Cornerstone 2010.

I tend to gravitate more to the obscure, though I will probably be at most of the shows Ian listed.  While in Asia I have been using my jet-lagged, sleepless nights to add bios to the One21 music directory.  In doing so, I have found several potential favorites such as Bill Tucker, Bryan Bekye, The Clutter and Charla Rainey.  Once I return to the the U.S., I will give you my guide to the underground at Cornerstone 2010.  In the meantime check out all of the new bios we have posted in the past few weeks:

A Hill To Die Upon
Before There Was Rosalyn
Benjamin Clark
Bill Tucker
Buddy Lee
Burning Yesterday
Charla Rainey
The Choir
The Clutter
The Crimson Armada
The Crossing (the cstoneschedule has the wrong iTunes samples for this Celtic band)
Dave Richards
Divided By Friday
Don’t Wake Aislin
Men As Trees Walking

Dig into all of these bands who are using their musical gifts to express the joy of relationship with Jesus Christ. I am off to pack for the 24 hour trip back to Austin and the love of my life. As soon as the bags are ready, I will add more bands to our directory. Go to the One21music directory and lose yourself in the largest source of Christian music Bios, MP3s, CDs and Free Downloads.

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