Cornerstone As A Family

I could easily post something today about all the amazing music I have seen since I have been at Cornerstone Festival 2010. In fact, it is only the beginning of day three here and i could write a book. Love Begotten, Ascend The Hill, Listener Project, So Long Forgotten, White Collar Sideshow, In The Midst Of Lions, and I Am Alpha & Omega have all reminded me why I love music so much. I WILL post in more detail about the individual shows I have seen later, but first I want to talk about a concept that the vocalist for Love Begotten touch on during their set.

Losing focus in a place like this is all too easy. From the outside, and maybe a little bit from the inside, Cornerstone is just a music festival. A place where a whole bunch of musicians come to gather in a small area and compete for fan’s attention all day with shows, merch, and flyers. It should be no different than SXSW.

But this IS different, because this is the Body.

Metal, folk, electronica, hip-hop, punk, progressive rock, worship; these are all genres being represented here this week, but yet in some way they are all singing the same song. This festival is a celebration of art created from hearts changed by Jesus Christ, and in that way this is a family reunion. The fans, the artists, the label owners and promoters come here to gather as a community and enjoy each other. I felt this the most as I embraced (that means hugged by the way) Dan Smith better known as Listener, T from White Collar Sideshow, and Donny from I Am Alpha & Omega as brothers and not as strangers. We are coming together here to experience God’s heart through music, and it is beautiful.

There is nothing else on Earth like this!

At the heart of it, this sense of community is what this website is about. We wanted to create a place for people to come and experience music that connects them to other believers, no matter what the music sounds like. As I have been walking around taking in this festival, I am reminded of the first time I came here in 2002, and how the sense of connection to all the performers has not faded a bit so many years later.

We are the Body, and this music is our voice. Use it, embrace it, and let it change you.