Cornerstone 2010-More Amazing Everyday

So much to write about and so many videos to share. We ha ve content for you for the entire month of July.

I would like to highlight a few “Cornerstone” happenings.

First dreams are fulfilled and expectations are exceeded. Over the years we have seen Eisley, mewithoutyou and Anathallo become “Cornerstone celebs” during one festival. This year it is happening to Oh Sister Oh Brother. On Monday we wrote about this hot new band at Cornerstone 2010.  Our prediction was correct.  Accordnign to the Oh Sister Oh Brother’s manager they have been the most popular band at the Impact Stage all week.  I happened to walk in on the end of their set at the Chasing Canada stage and the place was packed.  After the show each of the band members was swamped with fans and lead singer Anna Niehbur had a crowd of young men hanging on her every word.  I asked James Sherwood, the killer bass player, how it felt to be signing autographs.  He looked at me with a dazed look in his eyes and smiled.

Today I saw the rockers from Crosswire absolutely have a wonderful time performing their Christian hard rock.  The audience was full of friends and family members rocking the new band showcase stage.



I also stumbled upon a hot traditional folk band, Munster Folk, playing an impromtu street show.  Guitars, accordians, fiddle, banjo wailed while the trash can and washboard drove a slamming rhythm.  I have video so checkl back in over thenext few weeks.

Kahdag Blue

Finally, I was mesmerized by the throat singing blues of Kahdag Blue.  This deep other worldly growling emerges from deep in the singer’s thoat.  It adds a deep edge to the traditonal blues covers and Tom Waits songs he sang with a group of made up of harmonica, slide guitar, varied percussion and, as you can see a mandolin.

Kahdag Blue has adopts the traditional throat singing style of the Khoomei people of Central Asia.  he was introduced to this singing while working as a missionary in Central Asia.

There is so much more to talk about but my battery is dying and the Farewell Drifters just hit the stage.  Check with me tomorrow.

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