Free MP3 Download: Deepspace5 Double Headed

We return to the weekly free download with a double album drop from two of the Deepspace5 crew.


The first comes from Sev Statik with the School Shooting EP. According to Sphere Of Hip-Hop, this whole album was put together in ONE day! It doesn’t show, because like everything Sev Statik, there is tons of depth, sincerity, and creativity in every track. He even sings a little on “Bravado”. This is one of my favorite things he has ever done.

Download School Shooting EP by Sev Statik


The second download come from my favorite emcee Playdough with The Bible Bus Mixtape. Like with everything else he does, the mixtape showcases Playdough‘s unique talent along with his playfulness at the same time. There isnt one track on here that leaves you with any doubt that Playdough is a phenomenal emcee, but also a earnest artist with alot to say. If you like anything this guys has done in the past, you will for sure dig this.

Download The Bible Bus Mixtape by Playdough

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