Riverside Worship Project Interview

While at Cornerstone 2010 we made many new friends and met some amazing musicians and ministers.  None more so than the guys of the The Riverside Worship Project.  They were named winner of the Cornerstone 2010 New Band Showcase.

The Riverside Worship Project wrap their worship in a beautiful style of progressive alternative rock.  The songs are complex and interesting as rock songs, but there is a spirit filled ambiance about these songs that allow us to explore the presence of God in our worship.

These five guys from Auburn, Alabama really impressed with their humility, enthusiasm and their hearts for God. So much so that we wanted you to meet these guys face to face.  We sat down with Steven Hale, Brian Alpizar, Ryan Campagna, Andrew McQuiag and Jason Hermansdorfer outside the Gallery Stage at Cornerstone 2010.  There are very few quiet moments or places at Cornerstone so, in addition to the interview with The Riverside Worship Project you will experience the rich stew of music that surrounded us for a full week.  Enjoy.

Interview With Cornerstone 2010 New Band Showcase Winner, The Riverside Worship Project

As we conducted the interview we were left with the impression of five young men entering the end of  a phase of their lives.  Steven Hale is moving to Nashville to get married and the rest of the band graduates next year into their new futures. Cornerstone 2010 almost felt like one last fling for these guys.

My final image of The Riverside Worship Project is from the final day of Cornerstone 2010.  As I am moving around the festival to prepare for our trip home, I see the guys standing on the street corner with a sign made out of a discarded cardboard box and a sharpie.  They were playing one final show of Cornerstone 2010 with their acoustic instruments, on the side of the road, before they ended their great festival experiment of 2010.

We don’t know if The Riverside Worship Project will survive the transitions the guys will experience over the next year.  I am confident that God has anointed five worship musicians who will continue  serve him with their musical talents for the rest of their lives.  May God continue to bless you.


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