Free MP3 Album Download: Hebrews Sampler Vol.2


Awhile back, we posted the first sampler from Hebrews Coffee. They are back with the sequel, and its better than ever!

The vision behind HeBrews is simple. We are here to provide a coffee house and music venue that is heavily focused on ministry. Churches often start coffee houses, only for it to close down a few years later. Our vision has always been, and will always be, to provide a place for ministry, and to bless the bands that come through our doors. So many bands have told me how difficult it is on the road, and how much they get taken advantage of. Each show we provide a home cooked meal, free coffee drinks & milkshakes, and even provide lodging for bands that need it. We have been incredibly blessed at HeBrews to have a lot of really awesome bands and singers come through our doors. I fully believe that God has His hand on our ministry, and this is evident in the fruit and the hearts and lives that have been encouraged and blessed by coming here. It is not about this place, rather a vision of ministry and living it out relationally through a building. Our heart is to raise up more venues and coffee houses with that same vision and passion for Jesus.

I know I know, but what about the music. Well check out the tracklisting below:
1. Mike Mains & The Branches- “Stereo”
2. Abel- “Standing Still”
3. The Great Flood Catastrophe- “Ice”
4. Ascend The Hill- “The Reform”
5. Beautiful Calamity- “Beautiful Savior”
6. The Rendition- “Pop Song”
7. James and the Drifters- “When Or Where”
8. Grisham- “Meet Me In The Valley”
9. Cool Hand Luke- “The Balancing Act”
10. Sonorous- “Destitute, Enduring”
11. Joel Teeple- “Dry Land”
12. Josiah James- “Send Your Heart Down”
13. Quiet Science- “The Ghost And The Grave”
14. Ryan Pelton- “Attraction Gains Attention but Love Wins Hearts”
15. Escaping Yesterday- “The Moon”
16. The Clutter- “Creatures”
17. Ocean Is Theory- ” Twenty Nine Eleven”
18. See The Light- “Maranatha”
19. We Are Creation- “Come And Awake”


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