Entire Live Set From Wovenhand Posted

wovenhand live

So at SXSW in 2009, Chuck and I were able to witness Wovenhand live for the first time, and have forever since been singing the band’s praises. Alot of our friends have been asking us what their live shows were like, and while we could find a soing here and a song there, we could never really point to somethiong that demosntarted the experiance that we raverd about.

Until now.

The video below is a full set (over and hour) from Wovenhand at Musiques en Stock Festival in what appears to be France. Many of the songs, especially in the beginning of the set, come from the band’s latest release, The Threshingfloor, which became available just a few months ago. Watch the video, go buy the album, and then go check out the band on tour! Enjoy

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