Free Download:IAAAO-The Roar & The Whisper


I had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of the guys from I Am Alpha And Omega at Cornerstone Festival. I think my wife and I ended up talking to vocalist Donnie about everything under the sun for almost an hour after their show. This band is ONLY making music and touring because they 100% believe that Christ has called them to it. They arnt out for anything else but that fact.

They play a passionate form of melodic hardcore deeply rooted in a maturity not seen in many bands in this scene today. They dont go for the quick fix, but instead allow songs to build so you can properly understand the message behind the noise. Any fan of aggressive music with a clear message will love The Roar And The Whisper instantly.

The link below gives you opportunity to donate to their ministry or download the album for free. Help support these guys and what God is doing through them.

Download I Am Alpha And Omega-The Roar And The Whisper

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