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Ascend The Hill-Hymns Take The World But Give Me Jesus

For the 3rd week in a row I am sending you to the Come&Live! roster for your free downloading needs, but I cant help it. This week I am especially excited to share this album by progressive worship band Ascend The Hill, who made our “best of the year” list in 2009 with their debut (self-titled) full-length.

In 2010, they have released Hymns: Take The World But Give Me Jesus. It is exactly what it sounds like, Ascend The Hill have taken their powerful style of worship and reimagined a few of the hymns you sang as a kid. In typical fashion for the band, the songs build slowly, and add layer upon layer of atmospheric guitars, soaring vocals, and driving drums. What makes this album so cool is that the songs that they have chosen feel so relevant to my generation even though some of the songs have existed since my grandparents were children. Ascend The Hill have bridged the gap between the two schools of thinking in worship music by successfully creating deep and beautiful worship music that is 100% focused on Christ and 100% musical.

This is one of my favorite worship albums I own, and I am glad that I can present it to you in this manner.

As with the downloads from The Ember Days and I Am Alpha And Omega, the link below will take you to a download page that will give you give you the option to download the album fro free or make a donation. I encourage you to pray about contributing to this band, and the many other artists on Come&Live!, so that their ministries can grow and they can continue to keep blessing us with this incredible music.

Download Ascend The Hill-Hymns: Take The World But Give Me Jesus


  1. Todd says:

    September has been a great month for Come&Live and more is coming this week as well.

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