Shad Posts New Music Video

shad 08

Below is the latest music video from Canadian emcee Shad with the song “We, Myself, & I”. This is the third video to come from Shad‘s latest album, TSOL, which was released in Canada earlier this year and will hit stateside October 5th, 2010.

I watch and listen to a ton of hip-hop and rap for this website, and admittedly I dont post alot of it. I am a huge fan of the genre, and since its core element is words, the potentially for this music to be used for the Kingdom is staggering. However, more often I see artists trying to make their songs into pop, turn the focus inward, or worse yet not utilize their music as an art form rather than a formula. That last sentence may be a little convoluted, but if you are reading this and listen to hip-hop the way I do I think you will understand.

The point is that I see none of these trappings in Shad. He is fun, honest, socially aware, intelligent, and most of all seems to not be confused with his role as a believer and a rapper. Shad‘s stuff is not ministry focused, but rather he just speaks earnestly about the world around him, and lets God shine through. Enjoy!

We Myself, & I

as a bonus I decided to post the other two music videos from Shad‘s upcoming TSOL, in the hopes that you will go pick it up on October 5th!

Rose Garden

Yaa I Get It

Speak Your Mind