Free Download: IVM Sampler Vol.1


So for almost the past two months, it would appear that my “free download” posts go back and forth between the catalog over at Come&Live! and the downloads put up through Indie Vision Music. Well, my friends it is true, I have been turning to two sources for your weekly free fix. But can you really blame me, I mean IVM is simply putting together some of the best free downloads out there, and Come&Live! is most likely my favorite record label right now.

All this to say, i have another awesome sampler from Indie Vision Music for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy

1. Craig’s Brother “The Mistake of Caring”
2. Marksmen “Turn Back the Clock”
3. New Heights “Bleeding Love”
4. Blood and Water “Sleep it Off”
5. Attalus “The Finest Hour”
6. Dismissed “Bittersweet”
7. Divided by Friday “Disappoint: Surprise”
8. After the Anthems “Just to Say”
9. Ocean is Theory “Miles Away”
10. Next in Line “One in a Million”
11. Orion Walsh “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”
12. Pennylane “Role of You Care”
13. See The Light “Readers Beware…You Choose the Scare”
14. Send Out Scuds “Cliche”
15. Senseless Beauty “Reverse the Curse”
16. Sinbreed “Infinity’s Call”
17. Sleep Now Moon “Dear”
18. The Eternal Effect “Forever Will Last”
19. The Ember Days “Run To You”
20. The Great Transparency “Don’t You Ever”
21. The Overseer “The Lost”
22. The Radio Sky “My Insincerist Regards”
23. Ursa Robotica “The Price of Ignorance is Not Worth Convenience”
24. The Threats “Forgettable”
25. Called to Arms “Vintage Pharisee”
26. Dependency “Fragile”
27. White Collar Sideshow “Pardon Thy Monster”
28. Thin Ice “You Were There”
29. New Heights “Starting Again”
30. I Am Empire “The Other Side of the World”
31. Awake! Awake! “True North”
32. Innerwish “the Signs of Our Lives”
33. Mrenc “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh”
34. I Am Alpha and Omega “The Roar and the Whisper”
35. Grave Robber “Altered States”
36. Thirtyseven “You Made Your Beard…Now Lie in It”
37. Dime Store Heist “The Stillness, The Change”
38. Audiovision “Keep the Fire Burning”
39. Mojo & October Light “Everything Will Be Made Right” (Featuring Matt Morginsky of The OC Supertones)
40. O’Brother “Division of Man”

Download IVM Sampler Vol.1 pt.1
Download IVM Sampler Vol.2 pt.2


  1. Anna says:

    Thank you for posting this! The tracks are amazing :)

    Although I had trouble getting pt.1 to load (both links go to pt.2)

  2. ian says:


  3. matt says:

    It will not let me download part 2.

  4. Antonio says:

    I can’t download both 1 & 2…

  5. ian says:

    most likely cuz its old. head over to for the original post

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