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another way to fight vol 3

I believe last year we introduced you guys to the annual music sampler monster called Another Way To Fight. Well Volume 3 is out and its huge once again!

Beehave is a French Christian music ezine that seems really awesome, but unfortunately I cant read French so I cant really get specific. Despite the language barrier, Beehave really has their finger on the pulse on what is happening in Christ-centered music, and every year they present this amazing sampler for free to everybody around the world.

Dont worry, most of the music is in English, and in fact a big hunk of that is from bands right here in the USA. Anyway, check out the tracklisting and download away! There is over four and a half of music here!

Aaron Crider – Hallelu
Abel - Standing Still
Anchors – Singularity
JJ Heller - Tell It Again
Lovelite – Apathy
Future Of Forestry – Do You Hear What I Hear
The Sleep Design – Fire, The Grave, & The Eyes of Man
Sleeping At Last - Porcelain
The Ember Days - Simple Song
A Play On Words – Only At The Right Time
Calling Out Closer – Breaking Boundaries
Everett – Lay Down Your Arms
Ian MacIntosh – Flight?
Bellarive – New Atmospheres
The Neverclaim – Revival
Zoo Seven – Hundred Ways

La Rose De Saron – Des Barbus Des Chasubles
Sons Of God – Doubt
Semperfi – 1608 (Radio Edit)
My Epic – Lower Still
Messengers - Creation
Your Memorial – Atonement
The Chariot – The Audience
War Of Ages - Collapse
Space In Your Face – Le Mal Du Siècle
Saphena – Ich Sehe Mich
Saving Grace - Unbreakable
Second Thief – Such A Waste
Deuteronomium – Defending The Faith
Never Back Down – To Those Who Search For Brightened Days
The Stand – You Know Your Name
In Shepherds Arms – Family Hood

Flatfoot 56 – Stampede
Atmosfog – Ferme Les Yeux
Make Up Your Mind – Break The Plank
Audiovision – Keep The Fire Burning
Luther-N – Confession
Sinbreed – Infinitys Call
Coriolis – All For One
Theocracy – On Eagles’ Wings
Templar – Institution
See The Light – Brave The Seas
Malchus – Passio
Conspiracy Of Thought – Nothing More Than Light
Harmony – Inner Peace
Illuminandi – The Promise
The Sacrificed – No Promise Of Tomorrow

A Hope For Home - The Overman
A Plea For Purging – Shiver
As Hell Retreats - Poor God
Beautiful Dying Day – I’ve Been Left Deaf Still
Course Death – A Storm Gathers
Debtor - Escape
Dependency – Fragile
Fit For A King – Messenger Messenger
I Am Alpha And Omega – The Roar And The Whisper
Impending Doom – Orphans
In God We Trust – We’re Not From Here
The Brigade – Teeth and Crowns
Conduit – Architect
Thin Ice – You Were There
Escape From Sickness – Our Earth
Grave Robber – Fill This Place With Blood (Exhumed)
Showbread – I Never Liked Anyone And I’m Afraid Of People
The Myriad – You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock

Download Another Way To Fight Vol.3 Pt.1
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.3 Pt.2
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.3 Pt.3
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.3 Pt.4


  1. Jeremie says:

    Hey guys, thanks for sharing this and for the kind words! Hope you like it! What songs are your favourite? Are you digging the French bands (Space In Your Face, La Rose De Saron, Atmosfog)?

  2. ian says:

    We like The Brigade

  3. Clutch says:

    What a great collection! Gotta agree with Ian… Diggin’ The Brigade.

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