2010 End Of The Year Lists: Staff Top 10s

Most music websites like ours publish end of the year lists (most times before the year is over), but we see this as a time to truly celebrate what God is doing through art and music. For the next few weeks we will be posting our lists of the best recordings in 2010, divided by genres and categories. This all leads up to our final presentation of our Essential 25 Recordings of 2010 post on the last week of January.  This is our joyous recounting of all that amazed us in 2010.

This week we take a look at our staff’s personal top 10 lists. This is the only time that we rank our albums, and believe me it was a hard task for all.
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Chuck’s Personal Top 10 of 2010

1.Doug Burr-O Ye Devastator
2.Sufjan Stevens-All Delighted People EP
3.Mavis Staples-You Are Not Alone
4.Preson Phillips-Weep… He Loves the Mourners Tears
5.Brooke Fraser-Flags
6.Belle & Sebastian-Write About Love
7.John Mark McMillian-The Medicine
8.Johnny Cash-American VI: Ain’t No Grave
9.Shad- TSOL
10.Bradley Hathaway-A Thousand Angry Panthers

Ian’s Personal Top 10 of 2010

1.Doug Burr-O Ye Devastator
2.The Chariot-Long Live
3.Deepspace5- The Future Aint What It Used Be
4.Listener-Wooden Heart
5.Sufjan Stevens-All Delighted People EP
6.Gileah Taylor-What Kind of Fool/A Crooked Line EP
My Epic- YET
Josh White-Achor
Close Your Eyes-We Will Overcome
Shad- TSOL

Rebecca’s Personal Top 10 of 2010

1.The Chariot-Long Live
Listener-Wooden Heart
Ascend The Hill-Hymns: Take The World, But Give Me Jesus
Josh White-Achor
Underoath-Ø (Disambiguation)
Heath McNease- The Gun Show
My Epic- YET
Doug Burr-O Ye Devastator
Preson Phillips-Weep… He Loves the Mourners Tears
Shad- TSOL

On Friday, we will publish our ONE21 Top 25 Recordings of 2010. We hope that you all have enjoyed the way we did the lists this year, because we all felt that this was the only way to truely celebrate this year in music.

As a thnk you to all of you, we have also put togeather a compilation (our first!) with tracks from some of our top albums of the year. Check back with us on Friday to not only see our final list of the year, but to also download some free music!

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