American Idol Season 10 Christians In Hollywood

Well, we made through American Idol Season 10‘s  Hollywood week.  There was not as much craziness, but there was a little drama, more than a few meltdowns and some unusually great performances.  Through it all, several Christian artists made names for themselves.  One 21 music has been covering American Idol since Season 8.  Unlike some sites who exist to mock and deride these dreamers, we look for and feature Believers who are working to reach their destinies’ through the gauntlet that is known as American Idol.

In last week’s post American Idol Season 10 on One 21 Music, we identified five Christians who are working their way through American Idol Season 10.  The past week we did not see much of Brittany Mazur, Tiwan Strong or Jimmie Allen.  However, Colton Dixon made a huge statement during Hollywood Week when he rose above a bad group to become the only member to move on to the solo round.  Colton Dixon confirmed the judges confidence with his solo performance of “What About Now”.

Ashton Jones made a big name for herself during Hollywood Week.  First of all, she led her group to patiently wait for Ashley Sullivan to go through an emotional breakdown, quit American Idol Season 10 and then return to the group.  Ashton and her group waited for hours while Sullivan left them hanging, unable to rehearse.  When she returned, Ashton and the others openly embraced Ashley.  All four members of the group made it through to the next round.  The next day Ashton Jones set herself up as one of the early favorites to win American Idol Season 10 with her raw, unbridled take on “And I Am Telling You”.

Several other Christian artists emerged during Hollywood Week.

Kendra Chantelle CampbellKendra Chantelle was invisible until she burst out in the solo audition round of American Idol Season 10 with a crushing version of “Georgia On My Mind.”  This Tennessee girl is a working back-up singer and live music performer working in Nashville to find her first record contract.  Kendra Chantelle bills herself as a R&B, blues singer with a penchant for 80′s rock.  We are not sure what that means but we liked what we heard on American Idol Season 10′s Thursday night show.  She was raw, rough but controlled. Her facebook page has been dramatically scrubbed but the version we saw, Kendra Chantelle openly proclaimed her faith.

Jacob LuskJacob Lusk brought American Idol Season 10 to its knees on Thursday night with his rendition of “God Bless the Child.”  Flaunting a mind boggling range, Jacob Lusk brought the entire theater to their feet, including the judges, in a stomping, screaming shouting ovation for his tour de force performance.  The bloggers blew up the Internet with their praise for the deep, spiritually moving performance.  Jacob Lusk is a member at Lester Barrie Enterprises and was a featured performer at the Spiritual Experience Celebration 2010 with gospel stars Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Ben Tankard.  Yeah, we know he makes faces but he is one of the biggest talents we have ever seen on American Idol.

Jacee Chipcoon BadeauxThen there is the heartbreaking/warming story of Jacee Chipccon Badeaux.  There is not much information about this 15 year-old on the Internet, which is a good thing, but we have heard that he is a believer.  During the group round, Jacee was unceremoniously dismissed from his group during the middle of the night.  In danger of falling out of the competition,  Jacee Chipccon Badeaux wandered the hotel ballroom searching for a place in of the already formed groups.  None of the 39 groups were interested in starting over with a new member at a time when they should be finalizing their performances.  That was until one our favorite American Idol Season 10 personalities, Brett Lowenstein welcomed Jacee into their group.  Now that Jacee had another chance, he had only a few hours to learn “Mercy” a song he had never heard.  The judges took sympathy on his plight and passed him through, despite a shaky performance, and now he is in the American Idol Season 10 Top 60.

We are in the final stretch to American Idol Season 10 live performances.  Wednesday American Idol Season 10 takes us to Las Vegas for a round of The Beatles performances at the home of Cirque du Soleil‘s Love. On Thursday American Idol will go live to announce the Season 10 Top 24.

Join us on Thursday for the live results.  If you know of any other believers in the Top 60 please drop us a note so we can add them to our featured list of Christians on American Idol Season 10.


  1. nancy says:

    Thank you so much for this sight. It is an inspiring year and God is at work! These young artists are anointed.

  2. Jim Richardson says:

    Glad Ashton made it through. I don’t miss Simon at all this year.

  3. Jim Richardson says:

    Ended up being a lousy top 24 for most of the Christian hopefuls. I was really hoping Colton would have made it over that redheaded guy..I think he could have been the next Kris Allen. I do think that country singer Scotty might be a believer..or it just may be he sounds like Josh Turner and he covers his songs of faith. looks like Jacob might be our man to pull for.

  4. Kari says:

    I think Scotty is Christian. He always wears a cross and sings songs of faith. He comes acorss as one to me anyways. Are there any others in the top 24?

  5. chuck says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I was finally able to find some commentary on Scott’s faith so I have added him to the list. I just posted a list of the Top 24 after last night’s episode so check it out. There are 6 confirmed believers, probably 12 that I would say are definitely not and the remaining 6, I just cannot find enough info to confirm. Thanks for reading. We go live with the performance shows on Tuesday.

  6. Marie says:

    It is all over the web that Jacob Lusk is gay. Do you have any information on that?

  7. chuck says:

    Thank you for sending us this comment. I went back and did more research on Jacob.

    Everything I saw about this subject is from people speculating that he must be gay. My research showed him to be a performing gospel singer and I have seen him acknowledge the Lord on the show. I don’t give credence to most of the pontification I see on the Internet because it is mostly mean spirited. Most of it is based on how he acts. Have you ever seen Al Green? He is anything but gay. I may have my head in the sand but my evidence points to Jacob being a believer and I choose to not speculate on someone’s personal life because of how they act. If I did that I would classify every person who wore a cross as a Believer.

    I really appreciate you visiting our site.

  8. Marie says:

    Thanks for your response. I was really hoping the rumors on Jacob Lusk were not true, as I really love his singing and have noticed how he gives credit to the Lord for his voice. If you find out anything further on this, please let us know. Maybe someone who knows him personally might have some input. God bless!

  9. W. Martin says:

    I just stumbled on this site and want to comment. I don’t know if he is gay but I think American Idol is his to lose. So far, he’s the best.

    I have seen a lot of straight guys called “gay” because their mannerisms are

    more of what we think of traditionally as “feminine.” Well, gone are the days

    where women and men were so easily separated.

    I say appreciate the change and don’t push someone into a role he may not want to

    be in. He might end up exploring that behavior because he has been treated like an outsider by the group he wants to be in.

    You can believe they will be welcome with open arms by those with gay agendas.

  10. RJ says:

    So Marie, if Jacob was indeed gay, you wouldn’t be a fan anymore? How ignorant.

  11. chuck says:

    I would prefer that we not start a debate on homosexuality and Christianity on this site. I appreciate everyone’s opinion but this is a forum to follow Christian musicians and discuss their music. Thank you for reading and participating.

  12. Josie says:

    Is scottie a christian?

  13. Josie says:

    And Stefano, i believe he is.

  14. chuck says:

    yes Scott McCreery is a believer

  15. chuck says:

    yes we believe Stefano Langone is a believer as well

  16. Marita says:

    Scotty is definitely a Christian. The night Steve Tyler told him “you danced with the devil tonight” backstage Scotty said commented on that and said “I love Jesus” and held up his cross that was around his neck. I was so proud of him for proclaiming the name of Christ openly like that. This is what the world needs…Christians who are not afraid to profess what they believe. I LOVE JESUS!

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