American Idol Season 10 Picks The Top 24

American Idol Season 10 has chosen their Top 24 and now it is our turn.  Next Tuesday, the Top12  guys will perform on Tuesday night and the Top12 girls will perform on Wednesday night.  Then America votes and Ryan Seacrest will take us down to the American Idol Season 10 Top 12 on Thursday.   At One21music we cover American Idol from a Christian perspective, highlighting Christian performers while we enjoy all of the competitors’ journeys.  So far we have identified six Christians vying for the title of Season 10 American Idol:

Ashton Jones
Ashton Jones 2

Kendra Chantelle Campbell
Kendra Chantelle Campbell

Lauren Alaina
lauren alaina

Scott McCreery
scott mccreery

Jacob Lusk
Jacob Lusk

Ta-Tynisa Wilson

Jacob Lusk is an other worldly singer, maybe a male Aretha Franklin.  We hope to see him for many weeks, but is American Idol ready for a male Aretha?  Scott McCreery is surprising engaging for a 17 year-old high school country singer. He looks like an early contender.  We very much like Ashton Jones but we worry about the prospects for a mid-20′s R&B singer on American Idol. We hope that Kendra Chantelle and Ta-Tynisa Wilson have an opportunity to assert their talent.  Lauren Alaina has been highly touted from the beginning of American Idol Season 10.  She should also be considered an early favorite. We were extremely disappointed and surprised the Colton Dixon fell short of the Top 24.  From the performances shown on American Idol Season 10, Colton Dixon was easily one of the Top 5 guys.  Alas, we will not be able vote on Colton’s fate.  Maybe he will return next year.

In addition to these six Christian performers, the remaining, very talented, performers who will start singing next week on American Idol Season 10 are:

Brett Loewenstern
Casey Abrams
Clint Jun Gamboa
Stefano Langone
James Durbin
Jordan Dorsey
Jovany Barreto
Julie Zorrilla
Karen Rodriguez
Lauren Turner
Naima Adedapo
Pia Toascano
Rachel Zevita
Robbie Rosen
Haley Reinhart
Paul MacDonald
Thia Megia

Brett Lowenstern, Casey Abrams, Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia are some of the most interesting of these performers but we wonder if American Idol Season 10 voters will get them.  We think Paul MacDonald is the most interesting of these 18 performers and he could continue the streak of male rockers to win American Idol.

Join us Tuesday and Wednesday as we live blog the performances.  Enjoy the ride.


  1. Jimbo Richardson says:

    what have you heard about Lauren? I think she’s awesome but I thought she was a bit seductive for a young girl. I predict Scott will be a superstar regardless how he does in this competition.

  2. Debbie says:

    I love reading your blog on the Christian contestants vying for American Idol. Thanks for posting their pics too. It really helps me to remember names, especially at this stage of the contest. I am always amazed at the wonderful talent and gifting that God bestows.

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