Free Download:Art Ambidextrous by Propaganda & Odd Thomas

art ambidextrous propagandia odd thomas

So awhile back I previewed this release on the site, and now it is finally here!

Humble Beast is hip-hop label that was founded by Syntax records artist Braille over a year ago. His vision seem to be to have a group of artists that are more focused on the Kingdom than record sales, so Humble Beast has adopted the same format as Come&Live! to release their albums (pay what you feel, etc.). This is their third release, but really its their first true album to come on the label (the first was a compilation, the other doesn’t even appear on their website).

I have had this album for almost a month now (I was one of a lucky 10 who got to download it early), and I am not lying when I say I have listened to it using high quality headphones that I found online, (at, which accentuate the quality of the music. Seriously, if this had come out in December, it may have been my top Hip-Hop album of the year. Propaganda and Odd Thomas may be some of the best lyricists in the game right now. There is so much truth and depth to every track it is hard to pick a favorite song, so I will leave it up to you. Believe me when say that you will truly be blessed by this CD.

My suggestion is to listen to it full blast in your car on the first listen to fall in love with the music, then listen to it with headphone to experience the deep seeded messages in each track. You will thank me later. ENJOY!

Download Art Ambidextrous by Propaganda & Odd Thomas



  1. Jay Tholen says:

    Thanks for this… just listened and it’s realllllyy goooddd.

  2. ian says:

    the title track is crazy good

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