American Idol S10 Top 11 Results

American Idol Season 10 is losing two tonight.  After the love affair between the judges, the producers, the mentors and these performers reached its peak last week, with Casey Abrams save, it is time to get on with the competition.  There will be tears and sadness when the two depart tonight, but it will not matter in the bigger scheme of American Idol.  Whomever goes home tonight never had a chance to win American Idol Season 10 and everyone in tonight’s group number goes on the tour. Time to move on.

Last night’s top performances came from Pia Toscano, James Durbin and Christian musicians Jacob Lusk and Scott McCreery.  Everyone gushed over Haley Reinhart’s performance but, even after watching again I did not get it.  I have always liked Haley, and even though she probably did enough to make it into the Top 9, I thought she has had at least two better performances this season.  Christian musician Lauren Alaina continued her comeback with a country version of “Candle In The Wind” and Casey Abram‘s “Your Song” was strong enough to keep him out of this week’s bottom group.

Unfortunately, Christian musician Stefano Langone‘s uneven performances over the first five weeks of American Idol Season 10 will probably land him in the bottom 4 with Thia Megia, Naima Adedapo and Paul MacDonald.  I suspect that by the end of tonight’s show we will have six guys and three girls remaining after Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia go home.  That will be ironic that the lady whose huge personality undermined her vocal performances goes home with the girl whose sparkling voice could not overcome her introverted personality.

How will they do this?  Will they do one elimination halfway through the show and then another at the end or will they do both at the end?  The lead-in promises shocking results.  Does that mean Lauren Alaina is at risk?  Did Casey Abrams not do enough to save himself?

Wow, over 55 million votes.  This is getting serious.  Those are top 3 numbers.  Fantasia, Jamie Foxx and Wil.I.Am are performing tonight.  Kinda cool, they are breaking from the big group number.  First is a country duet with Christian musicians Lauren Alaina and Scott McCreery and it is very cool.  Lauren just hit a big note she should have been displaying all season.

Now they go straight into the results with Scott and Lauren.  Both of them are safe, so Lauren Alaina is not the shocker.

Naima Adedapo and Jacob Lusk are singing Ashford & Simpson. This is Naima’s best vocal of the season. Jacob, not as much. However, they did seem to have fun with the song.  Results time again and Naima Adedapo is in the bottom 3.  Jacob Lusk is safe.  This is not a surprise.  Remember she was a wild card selection to get into the Top 13.

Haley, Thia and Pia are doing a trio performance.  The band name rhymes, cool!  Interesting that Haley Reinhart sounds better on this song than Pia Toscano. Does our blonde bohemian have a stronger voice than the resident diva?  Now for results.  Pia Toscano and Haley Reinhart are safe, but Thia Megia is in the bottom 3.  America has it right so far.

This is tracking exactly as we thought.  Will the final member of the bottom 3 be Stefano Langone, Paul MacDonald or, maybe Casey Abrams?  Is the American Idol Season 10 rock band going to perform?  Yep, the band is debuting for America tonight with “Band On The Run”.  Ooh, those harmonies in the beginning did not work.  I think James Durbin should be the lead singer of this band.  But they sure do look happy, for a moment.  Time to break up the band.  Casey Abrams is safe.  James Durbin is rightfully safe.  It is down to Paul MacDonald and Stefano LangonePaul MacDonald is in the bottom 3 for the first time.  After hearing these four sing together, I think America got it right.

Pretty cool.  Like in Season 8, nearly half of the top 9 are Christian musicians.

Who goes home?  It is time.  Paul MacDonald is safe.  Thia and Naima go home. It was time for these ladies to go home.  They had a great run and deserved to be in the top 11, but not in the top 9 ahead of any one of the remaining performers on American Idol Season 10.  Check back on Saturday for my Top 9 power rankings.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    I hope that duet is on beautiful. Maybe they can sing it again together in 30 years when they are inducted in the country music hall of fame. Lauren sounded perfect on that.

  2. chuck says:

    I hope not. I don’t want you to go bankrupt. The kids gotta eat!

  3. Jim Richardson says:

    notice how Thia didn’t even get to sing by herself. After Fantasia sings..everyone else sounds that much better..I’d rather hear nails across a chalkboard.

  4. Jim Richardson says:

    I bottom 3 for sure. All the Christians are saved too!

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