American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Boys Live!

American Idol Season 10 is in our hands now.  Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have made their selections for the American Idol Season 10 Top 24.  Tonight the Top 12 guys sing for their futures and tomorrow night the Top 12 girls do their singing.  We believe that the judges have assembled an ecclectic, interesting group of men for Season 10.  Christians Jacob Lusk, Tim Halperin and Scott McCreery stand out, along with Paul MacDonlad, Casey Abrams and Brett Lowenstern, as the most interesting of the American Idol Season 10 guys. If these six make it through this week we could be in for a fun ride.

Jacob Lusk stole the show at American Idol Season 10′s Hollywood Week with his jaw dropping version of “God Bless The Child” and has continued to overwhelm the judges with his immense talent.  Tim Halperin was invisible through much of American Idol Season 10, until the trip to Vegas.  After he and Julie Zorilla made everyone stop to hear their “Something” duet, Tim finished the auditions off with an original song that caused us to reconsider his chances.  Scott McCreery is just the opposite of Tim.  He received an immense amount of face time during the auditions and Hollywood week.  However, Scott seemed like a one trick pony until Vegas and the final auditions.  His snippet on “Hello, Goodbye” showed some range and some personality, but his final audition showed a stage presence that we believe will carry him deep into American Idol Season 10.

So join us as we live blog our first reactions to tonight’s American Idol Season 10 performances.  Feel free to share comments along the way.

And we are off on the journey that is American Idol Season 10.  Only the top 5 will make it through on voters choices, then the judges will add 3 more so that we will move from 24 to 13 in a week.

Clint Jun Gamboa starts on American Idol Season 10 with Stevie Wonder‘s “Superstition”.  He is a karaoke DJ who wears funky glasses so he must do a funky song.  The music is funky and Clint is funky and he really rocks this song with an easy stage presence and some strong vocals.  He seems completely at ease. Clint lays down a gauntlet for all of the other performers.  Steven starts with “wow” and “beautiful”.  Randy says brilliant.  I am with the judges.

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Jovany Barreto, from the shipyards of New Orleans, performs Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be”.  Jovany sings this middle of the road rock ballad pretty well.  However, when we go from 12 to 5, you gotta bring it.  There just isn’t much in this song to wow America.  The judges are having a great time.  Steven says “holy shipyard”.  J-Lo says you did it.  Randy speaks the truth when he says it was just okay and a pale comparison of the original.

Now it is time for Jordan Dorsey who brings Usher’s “OMG”. I don’t like this song when Usher does it.  Jordan is trying really hard to bring his Usherness and he has some stage presence, but the singing is really bad and the song is all over the place.  Jordan needs to remember that Usher has scores of back-up singers and dancers.  Steven and J-Lo dislike their first performance.  Randy calls it pitchy and a pale comparison.

Christian music artist Tim Halperin has chosen “Streetcorner Symphony (Come On Over)” by Rob Thomas.  I do not know this song so Tim’s performance cannot pale in comparison for me.  After three notes, I realize why I don’t know this song.  Tim seems quite nervous and is a little overwhelmed by the song. The phrasing of this song is a little too fast to show off Tim’s voice.  He does hit a few big notes and I like his voice but I agree with Steven in that I do not think this song showed off his talents.  J-Lo and Randy agree with Steven and me.

The fire headed Brett Lowenstern sings the Door’s “Light My Fire”.  I like his phrasing but the music over powers Brett in the beginning.  And what is it with the hair tossing? He gets better and better through the song and kinda wins me over by the end.  Not great, but I kinda liked it.  Steven says he was on fire.  J-Lo says “that was more hair tossing than me and Beyonce combined.”  Randy calls him bold.

Season 10′s Adam Lambert, James Durbin jumps in with both feet by performing Judas Priest for, I think, the first time on American Idol. “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ ” should be a wild ride.  James is certainly not nervous.  He seems more like a guest performer than a competitor.  This song seems easy for James and, then, he takes his voice to another level.  Pretty impressive and a standing ovation.  James drove Steven to profanity, who calls him crazy good.  J-Lo says it was insane and Randy is going nuts.  Randy says, “that is how it is done!”  James Durbin has just blossomed into more of a competitor than I thought he would be.

I think Robbie Rosen is glad there is a commercial between James Durbin and him.  Robbie is singing “Arms of An Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin.  This is a  quiet, fragile song that should draw us into his performance. Robbie has a beautiful voice but, once again, the music is overwhelming the singers.  Robbie loses the melody in the middle and the falsettos eat him alive.  I don’t think that is a top 5 performance.  I don’t understand what Steven and J-Lo saw, they really liked it.  Randy seems to agree with me that he never settled into the song.

Now it is time for a burgeoning teen heart throb, Scott McCreery.  This teen Christian musician will bring the country, performing John Michael Montgomery’s “Letters From Home.”  Scott’s deep voice and twang belong in Nashville and he seems completely comfortable in front of the camera.  Like, James, he seems more like a guest performer than a contestant.  A completely at ease, professional performance.  Steven thinks he could not have picked a better song. J-Lo says he is born to sing country music.  Randy loved him and calls him a throw-back country singer.  Teen America just fell in love.

Stefano Langone is in his wheel house with Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”.  The song eats him up at the beginning.  I like this song but I think Randy will use “pale comparison”, except when he lost his pitch I would agree.  Steven and J-Lo and Randy loved it?   I can’t agree. I thought that was as weak as any performance tonight.

The finish should be strong with Paul MacDonald, Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams.

Paul MacDonald is performing his audition song “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart.  I generally do not like performers to repeat songs but I can listen to this song as many times as anyone wants to sing it.  Paul is quirky with a unique voice.  “Maggie May” is made for him.  Another, completely comfortable performance and the crowd and the judges go crazy.  Steven gets it right when he says Paul’s voice has real character.  Tonight is already better than any night from Season 9.

Time for American Idol’s male Aretha, Jacob Lusk.  He is singing “House Is Not A Home” by Dione Warwick. If American Idol were a singing competition we could just stop right now.  Jacob held back and still tore the house down.  Steven Tyler says he is honored to hear Jacob Lusk sing.  J-Lo is actually crying.  Randy says American Idol is lucky to have him in the competition.  My final thought is, wow!

We close the night with the jazzy, funky Casey Abrams singing “I Put A Spell On You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Even in his own style, Casey delivers all of the grit and power of the song.  Nothing is lost in the interpretation and Casey screams it out in all the right places.  Another stellar performance. Outstanding.  Casey Abrams definitely has personality.  Steven says “you are out of your mind crazy.”  J-lo says he is going to re-define how American Idol works.  Randy is right when he says Casey transformed himself into that song.

This was an impressive night on American Idol Season 10.  If American Idol wants a female winner this year they will probably be disappointed.  At least five of these guys would have won last year.  Here are my top five guys on American Idol Season 10, Round 1:

  1. Jacob Lusk
  2. James Durbin
  3. Casey Abrams
  4. Scott McCreery
  5. Clint Jun Gamboa

Join us tomorrow night as we see if any of the Top 12 girls will be able to compete with this impressive group of guys.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    It was a great top 4..I would put Scott as my personal fave..followed by Jacob, casey and James.

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