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Time for another edition of the gauntlet to the American Idol Season 10 touring company and then, ultimately, to a new American Idol.   If you checked out our American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Power Rankings, you would know that Casey Abrams, James Durbin and Pia Toscano have delivered consistently good performances, that we believe that Christian musicians Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina are our favorites to win and our favorite performer is Christian musician Jacob Lusk.  If you didn’t check out our power rankings, well make that a habit in the future.  We generally publish them over the weekend.

The Idols theme this week is the always favorite, “songs from the year you were born”.  From all reports, Casey Abrams is out of the hospital and will be able to perform.

As Chuck stated in his SXSW 2011 preview yesterday, I will be in downtown Austin tonight and tomorrow night so the live blog will be written by another member of the One21music team: wifey.  She sits next to me each week and tells me what to write during the performance shows so I guess I am just the typist.  Tonight you get to see wifey’s unfiltered reactions.  She is much more musically astute than me and more empathetic to the performers so enjoy.

The wifey here.  I tell him what to write?? hmm. Okay, perhaps somewhat truthful.  Anyway, I am delighted to cover American Idol tonight as our team spends the week reporting on all the Christian bands performing at SXSW.  It looks like we will be spending 2 hours together tonight. Wonderful.  American Idol will be helping Japan by donating sales from song downloads.

Here are our top 12 and Casey Abrams is onboard.  That’s good.  Naima Adedapo, born in 1984, will begin the show tonight.  She will be singing What’s Love Got to Do with It.  Naima looks very rock and roll and puts her personality into the song.  She certainly has her own style and I like that she is outside the norm for American Idol.  Steven says she has a sorcerer’s grasp for melody, Jennifer says her pitchiness is hurting her and Randy agrees that her vocals were all over the place. Perhaps not a stellar way to begin the show.

Paul McDonald, of the amazing teeth, was also born in 1984 and will perform Elton John’s I Guess That’s Why they call It the Blues.  He is having throat issues this week.  Paul is fun to watch perform and he is such a natural.  Will he crazy dance tonight?  No, he is a little more subdued.  He is doing a great job.  Jennifer says he has so much soul and star quality, the cold didn’t deter him.  Randy says he was pitchy and Steven says he defines a cool dude in a loose mood.  Do you just shake your head and wonder about Tyler sometimes?

Thia Megia will sing a song from 1995.   She wrote her first song when she was 6 years old named I Will Always Love you.  Cute little girl.  Sweet pictorial.  She will sing Colors of the Wind.  She is singing with a bit more passion this week.  Good for her.  She really does have a wonderful quality to her voice.  Very nice.  Randy says go with a different type of song, it was boring.  Steven asks if this is who she thinks she is.  Jennifer loves the quality of her voice, but says she has been too safe in her choices.

James Durbin’s Mom says he has always had perfect pitch and reveals to America that he did have a doll when he was little.  Those Moms.  Sometimes they just share too much.  He will sing the 1989 hit I’ll Be There For You by Bon Jovi. What twist will James put on this song?  James is rocking it.  The judges are loving him.  Steven asks him about the dolls.  He tells him not to get too “poppy”.  But he loves it.  Jennifer says he was great and  he makes her want to sing along. Randy says he made the song his own. Very tastefully done. 

Hayley Reinhart is up next.  Hayley’s parents are musicians also. She will sing I am Your Baby Tonight.  Very jazzy take on the song.  She has such a smoky, sultry quality to her voice.  I liked it, but lets see what our judges say.  Jennifer says her voice is good, but she is a little unnatural in her performance.  Ryan wipes the red lipstick from her chin.  Yes, we are live.  Randy is confused as to what personna she wants to follow and Steven wants to hear more Janis Joplin blues from her.

Stefano Langone’s family is also involved in the music business.  His choice for tonight is 1989′s If You Don’t Know Me by Now.  Jimmy tells him to remember the words.  Let’s hope he does.  Stefano has a nice voice and certainly seems to do a wonderful job on this song.  Very strong performance.  Randy says the best performance tonight so far.  Steven says it is over the top and Jennifer says he could take the contest.

Pia Toscano’s family calls her a little diva.  She began singing at a very young age and apparently Whitney Houston was a favorite.  She will perform Houston’s Where Do Broken Hearts Go?  Wow, another big singer this week.  Can she handle it this time?  Good job.  I don’t care for this song as much, but she certainly can sing.   Steven says she nailed it and Jennifer was glad that she performed an uptempo song.  Randy feels she is in it to win it.

So finally, one of our believers, Mr. Scotty McCreery is up next.  Wow, he was an Elvis impersonator as a child. Funny stories and pictures.  He will sing Travis Tritt’s Can I Trust You With My Heart?  He plans to stay country.  I really do love his voice.  So amazing that he is so young.    His personality is really coming through.  Great vocal range on this one.  Jennifer says she loves that he pushed it out at the end.  Randy is happy that he is taking chances to hit longer and higher notes.  Steven says it was really good.

Karen Rodriquez says she gets her talent from her Mother.  Her Mom is a sweetie.  She sends her heart to her little girl.  Karen will sing 1989′s  Love will Lead You Back by Taylor Dayne.  She is so pretty.  Karen sings very confidently tonight and does include the Spanish lyrics. She sang a bit flat to me but seemed to end it on a good note.  Randy says it was better than last week.  Steven loves her ethnic “what it isness”.  Jennifer says even though she seemed nervous, she attacked the song.

Next up, Casey Abrams.  So happy he is able to perform tonight.  His parents are a hoot.    He will sing Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.  He says he likes to take risks with the songs he selects.  He is playing his guitar.  Such a talented performer.  And so my rock roots show up as I find myself liking this.  He seems a little manic in places though.  Angry Casey??  Steven thinks he is crazy and talented.  Jennifer felt it was a bit screechy at points.  Randy is most impressed that he puts art first, then commerce.  Says he is fearless.

Our girl, Lauren Alaina, is wearing a mask and has the flu.  Lauren and her Mom look just alike. Wow.  She is singing I’m the Only One by Melissa Etheridge.   She has changed some of the arrangement, and plans to take back the judges’ favor this week.  She is not quite as strong with the low notes but is definitely hitting the rest of this.  Lauren is so cute and seems to be so relaxed on stage.  She has a strong quality to her voice.  Jennifer says it had a country flavor and she made it her own.  Randy thinks it was so nice and states that she is  back.  Steven says she is a shining star. 

Jacob Lusk will close the show out tonight.  Apparently his Mother thinks Jacob got his talent from her and that she can really sing.  She’s cute.  Jacob will perform Heart’s Alone.  He is taking a step out tonight with a rock song.  I am just amazed at this guy.  Such a big voice.  A little off pitch in places, but I definitely have chill bumps.  Randy says he was a little sharp but rebounded and loves that the end was so tender.  Steven says his Mom gave him the moxie to be what he is and something else about the gospel having a baby.  What?  Jennifer loves that he gives himself completely.

Well, that is it for tonight.  I am constantly awed at the wonderful talents and music that God gives us.  I may not be able to sing like these fabulous contestants, but God has blessed me with the ability to hear them and I am amazed.  What a blessing.  Thanks for checking in with One21Music and we will meet you here again tomorrow evening to see who will go home. 



  1. BC says:

    I really appreciate all of the blogs on this. However, it was revealed by a reader in a previous post that Stefano is Catholic and is a believer, so you should include him in the “bold print”. Thanks!

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