American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Power Rankings

With the departure of Ashton Jones on Thursday night American Idol Season 10 is down to it’s Top 12.  It is a immensely talented, stylistically diverse Top 12. As I discussed in our American Idol Top 13 results show blog, the jury is still our for me on the impact of using Jimmy Iovine and a group of name producers as mentors.  It helped James Durbin greatly and Casey Abrams seems to thrive under their tutelage.  However, the producers pushed Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Naima Adedapo beyond their professional maturity.  That is a development to watch.

American Idol Season 10 Top 12

You may notice that Casey Abrams is nothing more than a head on a stick in the picture.  Don’t panic.  There is no reason to call CSI (unless you hope to meet Robin) or those dudes we have forgotten about on Law & Order- LA.  The second overriding theme of American Idol Season 10 is the ongoing health issues of Casey Abrams.  Two weeks in and Casey has had two hospital stays.  This most recent visit evidently required blood transfusions.  Our prayers are for Casey’s health.  Our hope is that he will be able to rejoin the show.

This weeks theme is “songs from the year you were born”.  That means we will reach all the way back to 1984 for Paul MacDonald and Naima Adedapo (“When Doves Cry”). Jacob Lusk will take us to 1987 (“Faith”).  We sneek back to 1988 with Pia Toscano (“Every Rose Has A Thorn”).  Stefano Langone, Karen Rodriguez and James Durbin joined us in 1989 when “My Perogative” ruled the airways. “Black or White” was hot in 1991 when Casey Abrams and Hayley Reinhart came into this world.  The babies of the group are Scott McCreery (1993), Lauren Alaina (1994) and Thia Megia (1995).  I could not find a song from the mid 90′s that you might recognize.

American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Power Rankings

Two weeks in and the list is fluid. We now get into the grind of American Idol Season 10 where variety and consistency are critical. The early front runners need toincrease their focus and some of the performers at the bottom of the list need to stretch themselves to create a defining moment.

  1. Casey Abrams- Two weeks, two great performenace with interesting arrangements of famous but off beat songs.
  2. James Durbin- Now we have heard him sing and it is pretty amazing.  His performance of “Maybe I’m Amazed” was important for him, but did you hear him on the group performance?  The dude has a vocal instrument that can rival Jacob Lusk.
  3. Jacob Lusk- Speaking of Jacob, I thought he got a little away from himself this week.  He did some amazing things with “I Believe (I Can Fly)” but overall it was little out of control.  Jacob just needs to releax andl et his voice do the work.
  4. Scott McCreery- Easily the most popular in the studio and on the Internet voting sites, Scott continues to demonstrate a maturity and confidence well beyond his age.  He will need to step out of his comfort zone soon or America may grow tired of hos act.
  5. Pia Toscano- The Season 10 beauty has demonstrated a set of pipes that can slay the biggest icons (Chrissie Hynde and Celine Dion).  She has amazed us two weeks in a row.  Like Scott, she needs to demonstrate some variety in her performances over the next few weeks.
  6. Lauren Alaina- Everyone should be worried. Lauren Alaina cried of disappointment and embarrassment on Thursday night.  I don’t think she will do that again.  If Lauren has figured out the effort required to deliver a top notch performance every week, a freight train is about blast through American Idol Season 10.
  7. Stefano Langone- The Internet loved Stefano’s version of “Lately” this week.  I thought the prodcution overwhelmed him.
  8. Hayley Reinhart- I loved Hayley’s performance of “Blue” but America evidently did not.  The beuaty was in the the subtle runs and yodels she brought to the song. I would pay to see her sing.  However, she needs to define herself to America and deliver a stamp on Season 10.  She needs to do it soon or she may not make it to the tour.  That would be a shame.
  9. Paul MacDonald- Paul picks great songs to sing but I don’t think this is the right venue for him.
  10. Naima Adedapo- I certaintly do not understand how Wednesday’s performance of Umbrella took Naima from a judges’ wild card save to not even being in the bottom 3.  I thought it was a wonderful glimpse into the interesting performer that naima can become, but I don’t think she pulled it off.
  11. Karen Rodriguez- Karen’s game has not translated well to the big stage.  She seems overwhlemed.
  12. Thia Megia- A beautiful voice who lacks the emotional maturity and depth to deliver the performances required on American Idol.  She will get there but she is not ready for this stage.

Join on Wednesday night as I perform the impossible feat of live blogging the Top 12 performance while, at the saem time, covering Christina musicians performing at South by Southwest.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    good blogs over the last week..I was without my computer. I agree that James moved way up. Scotty is still my fave and I pick Lauren to win. I compare her to Jordin Sparks at this stage of the competition.

  2. hatcher says:

    i could say that all of them are really….. really…really….. great singers..

    good luck to all of them…

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