American Idol Season 10 Top 13 Results

The American Idol Season 10 Top 13 performances did not live up to my expectation.  Several people shined, Casey Abrams, James Durbin and Pia Toscano.  However, the top 3 in my Top 13 power rankings, Jacob Lusk, Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina just did okay.  The best part of American Idol every season is seeing how the artists develop or wilt under the relentless pressure and the spotlight.  I think we saw some of that in the top 13 performances.

While I like the idea of Jimmy Iovine and the big name producers, I think they overwhelmed some of the performers last night.  They tried to do too much with Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone, Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia.  It did not seem that these performers were ready to perform such complex arrangements in one week.  Casey Abrams and James Durbin thrived under the producers tutelage. Did it seem to you that Jimmy Iovine was a little frustrated with Scott McCreery and Pia Toscano because they did not really allow the producers to do much.  Let’s see how the producers’ influence plays out during the season.

As we finished off our American Idol Season 10 Top 13 performance live blog we said that Ashton Jones, Karen Rodriguez, Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia were all in danger of going home tonight.  I think  Karen Rodriguez and Ashton Jones will be the bottom two and Ashton Jones will go home.  But it is time for the show to start so let’s see for ourselves.

PDiddy, or whatever he calls himself now, and Adam Lambert perform tonight.  30 million people voted and we learn that the judges have one save for American Idol Season 10.  I don’t expect the judges to use the save tonight.  For the second time in two weeks Casey Abrams is in the hospital.  Let’s hope his health can hold to the rigors of American Idol.

Don’t expect much commentary on the film bits and the performances.  We are here for results, everything else  is filler.  Sometimes the filler is tasty but it is filler.

Time for some results.  We are going to do a Bottom 3.  Karen Rodriguez, Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone are up first.  I suspect Karen will be in the bottom 3 and she is.  Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone make it to the American Idol Season 10 Top 12.

Let’s get back to some results.  Who will join Karen Rodriguez.  Lauren Alaina, Ashton Jones and Hayley Reinhart are now on the hot seat, or shall I say the hot spot in the middle of the stage. Ryan pushes Lauren Alaina to cry about her performance last night. Way to go Ryan, must you make a 16 year-old girl cry?  But Lauren Alaina is safe. Ashton Jones and Hayley Reinhart are in the bottom 3.  That is a surprise.  Hayley does not belong in the bottom 3 and they just jump into the bottom 3 without taking everyone through the ringer.

It is time to see who’s dream ends.  Karen Rodriguez is safe.  Ashton Jones is going home and Hayley Reinhart lives to compete another week.  This is the right decision.  Good luck Ashton Jones.  Check back this weekend for my American Idol Season 10 Top 12 power rankings.

American Idol Season 10 Top 12

  • Jacob Lusk
  • Stefano Langone
  • Lauren Alaina
  • Casey Abrams
  • James Durbin
  • Naima Adedapo
  • Pia Toscano
  • Scott McCreery
  • Thia Megia
  • Paul MacDonald
  • Karen Rodriguez
  • Hayley Reinhart

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