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chelsea cafe sampler

Ran across this while I was working on artist profiles for Cornerstone Festival.

The Chelsea Cafe is a venue that hosts shows once a month in Chicago, IL to support Project 12, the discipleship training school of Jesus People USA Covenant Church. For the past several years, the Chelsea Cafe has also been sponsoring a tent at Cornerstone Festival. This music sampler contains studio recordings from various artists and musicians who played at the Chelsea Cafe during Cornerstone Festival 2010.

The sampler is a collection of some of the artsist that played the Chelsea Cafe during Cornerstone festival 2010. Its a pretty eclectic group, so Im sure you guys will find something interesting in there. Track listing below, follow the link to the download.

1.Break These Chains- The Scoffer
2.Too Sore- The Scoffer
3.Cooper’s Song- Hodges
4.My Love My Bride- Hodges
5.Warden- Josh Davenport and the Chairmen
6.Crosstown Justice- Josh Davenport and the Chairmen
7.Don’t Waste Your Life- The Unfortunate
8.Set Me Free- The Unfortunate
9.Great God In Heaven- Glenn Kaiser
10.Artist- Leper
11.The Rain- Leper
12.How It Hurts- Joy Williams
13.Out of the Dust- Joy Williams
14.Workingman’s Blues- Khadag Blue
15.Troubles of this World- Khadag Blue
16.I’m Gone- Aracely and Hilde
17.Jerusalem/ From Bethlehem to Belfast- Aracely and Hilde
18.Tribal Pipes- The Crossing
19.Home- The Crossing
20.The Arrow Song- Max Simmons
21.Cheat- Max Simmons

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  1. Drew says:

    I could not find the download link on their page. :(

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